Situation at port, Dai Lanh, beach in here is beautiful, making it as beautiful day intent tripping. We can't recommend it for overnight if You have option there's only two homes, and they not so good, circumscribed alimentary option, and Your afters goes swimming, there is thing the better that shall be done than gets long times in here.

One that says, on the defensive with Dai' s anxious Lanh facilities may in reason on their behalf that most draw for explores Gon Hon is peninsula. You shall see on map to price unique peninsula geography region that aptly one island outgrow most link go to continent via what do length, bars thin sand.

Coastwise available two sand dune stories, and kilometer after kilometer of beautiful beach. Stand up with Hon Lon near Island this constitute big region that waits to be explored we are disappointed just get to get that taste on our visit.

If You have time and transportation, its descries as place which ideal to restrain from the whole lot that. This is place in point for stray without over lost - there is at any given oceanic aim, but for one track that making for returns to continent.

Dai just Lanh Blip at clears a root to wend northern from Nha Trang. Are not there is bank, and for nearly all other service, we just can suggest You 37km's head north for Tuy Hoa. Internet available one place, at highway west side, at city upstate. Sign doesn't advertise name, but doesn't point out that available Internet, stand up with Vinaphone's service. To get to Gon Hon's peninsula, south head at Highway 1A and taking first left easterly.

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