Lao Cai will be looked on as aim good in itself if Accost be not been stolen by thunder. Goods and service at there are many supply, eating and lodging is good quality, that is center transportation, and it got through by bowery, dozing sidestreets that good to take the air.

Lao Cai is one border city,but without that typical remote' post' Your feel gets with such a fleck. This just hike abbreviates from Hekou's other city on one's side China You will pass here if you make towards or of China city kunming,470km to the north.

Lao Cai is location centers to make ideal pemanggungan region for treks and daytrips's attraction goes to other place at this province despite, clear, nearly everybody chooses to be more oblique living at magnet wisata, Accost, 38km goes to south-west by the way of land. Caring band from Hanoi ends here, so portal wends To Accost to a considerable part tourist.

If Lao Cai descries new type for You, that in consequence is. This city a large part flattened by Chinese up to invasion they year 1979 and international border in here don't reopen until early 1990 an. What do You see today, including a lot of of cardboard egg your excellency concrete classy building, just 25 years.

Other Lao Cai of appreciative sell outgrows is armadamobil electric small white. Easily been recognized as caring of white that worldwide golf course dallier, at Lao Cai they have gotten rolling get down from green and go to to take the air that rather touch effort to entice tourist for remained more so long of a few hours.

We start to more think tourist have to take bait.

Getting through border
The Lao Cai / Hekou is border open everyday 07:00 - 22:00. Severally state, including Australia and some Europe, can buy a one month China visa at place at Vietnamese nurginal border for US $ 45 processing needs time one hours. But Brits, America and other list shall visa' ed at Hanoi. Ensure to check with Chinese legation before You get in at border, and maybe plausible to come with visa at Your passport in each case. Going towards other, indeed, no visa on arrival that available. Visa office phone number at border is: (0913) 388 890. For more info, attempt contacts Binh Minh trip, one that descries it to have visa concession by the side of Vietnamese

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