city Dien Bien Phu that own is most ethnical mixed Viet Kinh (majorities ethnical group at this country) and Thailand's White, with other the few that populates purilieus. But it more known as Vietnamese high-rise rise wellspring global top on middle century to twenty.

Long, valley broad that package city is place that raising hell, mob 57 days on course one that explicit france end order at Indocina France, and, by has done such, inspired anti colonialist, worldwide revolutionary movement and manages phase for a few scene most importantly of second century bill 20th.

Now little bit that retained of that battlefield is alone - rabbets, barbed wire, encampment, and once battlelines that crisscross plain have so long is erased to give room for development and agricultural. But many martial oddments were petted cautiously, constitute one series of that exhibition tourist can see and studying of, with or without wizard, under way one day.

It, so far, reason main each tourist that has once seen by Dien Bien Phu absolutely, and for Prancis's tourist that wants to contact that important, clear finish, their history chapter, stop in here is one compulsion. But divides largely other tourist, trip goes to A1 Hill and museum will offer all reportage of scene that they needs.

Other than history that is shown off, Dien Bien Phu is present one that few wider, dusty, flashy border city. Besides checks market, with many rice wine shops, and makes towards Muong Thanh Ward's center to something to be eaten, You will have hard time fill card dance You if You stay behind here more than two-day.

You may also need to pass Dien Bien Phu if you come or going via Tay Trung / is Hun's Child, a new one opened by border with Laos, 34 km at south-west.

The Tay Trung is border
Recently opens border, 34 km at south-west DBP, provide and interesting new route for travel of Laos north direct goes to Hanoi without has to dye to Prabang's Empty or Vientiane. Current main, Highway's baleful situation 6 among DBP and Son La, and wills be year before available repair that marked by score.

This is still rarely be utilized by expatriate, but You can get on's visa Laos gets in while cross to Laos, and, customarily, largely nation has have gotten valid's Vietnamese visa while cross towards any other. 48 - considerate term hours are respected in here if You lengthen vietnamese's visas You. Bus goes to leave border from Dien Bien Phu bus station at 05:30 on monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday only, and cost 75.000, one that rather konyol because om xe our person bicara says them just are filled 100.000 VND

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