Just is hillock at clears a root, IN Phong For, medial seat along clears a root a Lai Chau and Muong Lay. This very simple few berg, and its vicinity landscape marked by construction as much as pretty as pemandangan. Kami quite a positive Phong To is not on who' s "Top 10 places at Vietnamese" list.

One that says, Phong For not get in here been named preferably since leases innovative motorbike schematic available if You just want taster of bicycle at Vietnamese baratlaut, read terus.

This scheme issue from Lan Anh Hotel II., and, on weeny zoom, have placed Phong To on radar. 's tourist

If You interest untuk bicycle or motorbiking passes through to lease, with luxury who can make it as trip one way, You indeed get 74 km among one Lan Anh Hotel and another one and just down Anda. 's transportation

We haven't taste this service ourself, but punches us as trick that great to get down from bus you full to overflowing are in a bind at bus and sticking out to the countryside, breathing in fresh rural air, without has to get commitment for commuting to lease up to hundreds and hundreds kilometers.

If You are regarding to choose tripping bicycle version, remember that 74 km it stills far enoughs for pedal or we thought this anyway

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