Ninh Chu are not on hot spot's short list anyone to visit temporary at Vietnamese, but if You perceive to be troubled and pressed by try do overdose, we really recommend decompression in here.

It seems we' re not the only fans-- at one stage, Vietnamese the entirety of Ninh Chu beach was reserved for the exclusive use of the President of South, Nguyen is Thieu's Van (who resigned and fled to Taiwan just prior to the Communist victory, stay out its isolation at England and United States Of America whereabouts it dies on year 2001) and a variety VIP'S another kind.

Today, while exists lessing far VIP about, there is regular picturesqueness peace about Ninh Chu and other than Saigon Ninh Chu's present Hotel, this place quite a purification.

Local resident so easy going and fun, and fisherman village at coastwise for for dallier is good.

Besides visit water garden or utilizes swimming pool at Saigon Ninh Chu, You will slightly have option besides do measly You temporary visit here. Do what what this, practically, near compulsorily.

Ninh Chu have no Internet, no post office, no bank and no ATM for all this creature Your convenience shall carry the wind to big smoke in Phan Rang.

To reach hiding place little bit rileks from Phan Rang, head Yr? ng is northern at St and taking left just before bridge. This road aims to beach take left and this downtown is farther under road. You can also southwards on Yr? ng St and takes fork in point while You reach post office. From Phan Rang, one xe om shall VND'S cost and 30.000 gauge taxis will make You backs 60 for 70.000 VND.

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