chinese movie:Confucius(2010)

chinese movie:Confucius(2010)

The sixth century BC, standing room for hundreds of years of the dynasty,
had been precarious weeks, the vassal state separatist party, in order to achieve
the purpose of dominating each other expeditions.
This is China's history of a magnificent era, a brilliant era. In this day and age,
there are wars, there are the heroes, thinking, and there are books ... ...
Chinese history known as the "Spring and Autumn" era.

Name of Confucius Confucius, word ZENY.
He was born at that time a small vassal state - Lu in the decline of aristocratic
family and the community worry about the chaotic situation, hoping his thoughts
ahead of its time and wisdom to influence the
historical process of the Spring and Autumn Asian countries.

However, just as the history of the early experiences of other sages like Confucius,
wound up an era yet to come. Though Shi Guan Yu Lu and Lu in their bravery and
wisdom to bring dignity and a strong hope, but in reality the final political
philosophy before the burst. Then the rate of Confucian ideals

chinese movie:Confucius(2010)
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