Google buys social service Search Aardvark

Google buys social service Search Aardvark

Giant of Google internet has bought Aardvark, search sosial service special designed to answer question from its user. Aardvark will continue question is referred [as] to service social website and select precise the response that.

"I can confirm that we have signed agreement with Google," founder and technology head Aardvark Damon Horowitz in its email to AFP like forwarded Antara.

Nevertheless, [his] side not can comment farther acquisition problem is referred [as]. TechCrunch notable technology Blog predicts that buying-price not less than 50 million dollar THE UNITED STATES.

Aardvark that base on in San Francisco is company start up that founded at 2007. Founders is entered former Google employees and now have employees around 20 people.

Aardvark uses contact in someone network to give question answer via Web in, instant messaging, email or Twitter. In posting blog recently, Aardvark tells has had more than 90.000 users in October 2009 and 87,7 percentage of question that sent to Aardvark accept answer from a friend or friend from a friend.

Aardvark tells 75 percentage of user that ask question Aardvark also answers question for others. Every question claimed at this time answered between minute 5-10 hung question type and amount website owned by its user.

Latter Google [it is true] middle service till jejaring social. Strategic Step last is with Google service Buzz that enhance feature of status update and share link, photo, and video pass by Gmail.

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