Google launches mobile maps 4.0

Google launches mobile maps 4.0

The importance [of] a location map in our life, because of course in a moment when Anda travel to new place, You must navigator. With existence of mobile apliksi attached in celullar yours phone , likely location map is referred [as] become foolproof pocketed just anywhere and any time.

People say now the party of Google has launched Maps Mobile version 4.0 which this application not only limited for handset base on just Android but also can be used by celullar phone user base on iPhone, Symbian and also Windows Mobile.

Some from yours could have know that Google already release Google Maps for Android version 3.4 last week, where users that reside in [the] United States can taste new feature from application that named pitch-and-oom. This Solution first time emerges at celullar phone Nexus One, which hereinafter also is being provided for DROID and now when have reached version 4.0 all celullar phone owners Android can feel it also.

Main Feature from Google Maps 4.0 that is new feature addition Google Buzz, as layer addition at this apliksi. This new Solution seems makes Google more aggresive to be able to control jejaring world social. User can deliver publik buzz directly uses Google Maps, until they also can also various of location informations from many places that they visit.

In other hand, new variant Google this Maps also haves night modus feature Google Maps Navigation. Google Maps 4.0 by it self already can walk at handset Android 1.6 (Donut) or Android 2.0. (Eclair), but unhappily has not yet been available for the man who use handset Android 1.5 (Cupcake) and Android 1.0.

For you that wish try new feature Google Maps 4.0 this, specially for user handset Android, iPhone, Symbian and also Windows Mobile can try it pass by from celullar phone browser Anda. Later this apliksi also to be available for user Android that can diunduh pass by Android Market.


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