Windows 8 now have been started its development

Windows 8 now have been started its development

After enough success with launching Windows 7, now Microsoft returns start new project its that is its process of router generation construction Windows 8. In a website comes [from] russia, Wzor, mention that company Redmond it's seems now [it is true] middle berkutat in development Windows 8 and now assembling repeats Windows. Wzor by it self is information source that note accurate information from development process that now middle of is being conducted by company of giant software is being referred [as].

Company Redmond is reported middle conduct experiment process with Windows 8, where also offered Builds last month : 7702.0.100126-1751, 7703.0.100127-1845, 7704.0.100128-1900 and 7705.0.100129-1930. For Build 7705.0.100129-1930 by it self already dikompilasi were on 29 Januaries 2010 last. Microsoft by it self have not yet will confirm or deny the fact that information that dipaparkan by Wzor really valid.

Nevertheless, company Redmond has conducted confirm early that in 2009, they have started plan development Windows 8, and quite sensible to start development process actually because already more than half year after finalization Windows 7 are launched. Previous this information leakage expresses that Microsoft is being active.

Information and screenshot in Build 6.1.7700.0.100122-1900 for Windows client and server have been published. User Windows Vista has knew that Build 6.1.7700.0.100122-1900 replace growth bollard RTM from Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2s.

Information is leaked by a program manager that employ at team Windows (Windows Update) indicate that Sinofsky in quest of concept of excellence Windows 8 to defeat all generations Windows who ever lived. Hmmm, we await just its action.


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