Gara-gara Buzz, Google are sued

Gara-gara Buzz, Google are sued

Google faces suing class action that raised in court federal California. All gara-garas service jejaring their social, Google Buzz.

Like forwarded Chronicle San Francisco, Google are alleged has impinged Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), [code/law] that made in 1984 that bent on to protect individu from company that express secret information its pass computer.

“Plaintiff of justice searching and prevent Google conduct actions in common in the forthcoming and ask a number of financial indemnations,” mention a source at Chronicle, like VIVAnews cite, 19 Februaries 2010.

At this time, user Gmail is by it self noted has reached 31,2 million users. As for Google Buzz, its launching moment last week faces various of criticisms.

Protest pertamakali comes because Google activates service Buzz automatically in Gmail. In other hand, Google also automatically mengidentifikasi email address probadi and akun related to user contact Gmail they. This mentioned over and over sebaga transgression.

Even Google has apologized and maked a change to the how Buzz work, much users Gmail that uninterruptedly grouse problem Buzz.

Suing this class action has been raised by William Audet from Audet & Partners LLP in San Francisco that deputize Eva Hibnick, come [from] the strait of florida.

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