Support Wikipedia, USD 2 million atonal Google

Support Wikipedia, USD 2 million atonal Google

SAN FRANCISCO pin-cushion Sebagai its support form to Wikipedia, Google gives contribution as big as USD2 million.

Donation is referred [as] announced this week and delivered to Wikimedia Foundation, institute that observe situs online encyclopedia seven year referred [as]. Not only Google, founder eBay Pierre Omidyar also also as big as USD2 million six-month ago.

Newest Contribution from Google has made success Wikimedia collects USD10,6 million, that become fiscal till final advantage goals June. Goals is referred [as] [it is true] seen very ambitious, that means Wikipedia intention improved advantage as big as more than 20 percentage of last year USD8,7 million. During explanation that borrowed ideas from AP, Thursday (18/2/2010).

Wikimedia, that get a large part of advantages its from donation, has collected contribution from 240.000 contributor people during a period of fiscal this year. A large part of contributions are referred [as] [it is true] indigenous to users Wikipedia and in number small.

Mouthpiece Wikimedia Jay Walsh mentions, kucuran fund is referred [as] enable Wikipedia growing expands with remain to be free website.

"We intention maintains Wikipedia in order to continued like this," say Walsh.

Wikimedia that base on in San Francisco, berencana expends around USD9,4 million advantage that acquisition of this year, a large part of used to pay [for] salary and staff Wikipedia that amount to more than 30 people. Rest, fund is referred [as] will be used for operational situs Wikipedia

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