Twitter presents Direktori Online for project Open Source

Twitter presents Direktori Online for project Open Source

Community developer now seems is being growing pampered by online media. This condition is news either due get container for of course will push lahirnya products new open source later.

Support growth open source, now Twitter also gives separate contribution which recently is being informed just launch online directory that can accomodate project open source from roof developer. Project this open source both for in process or are conducted and wished divided by roof developer.

From list that provided this directory shows quite get an impression. There is various of projects open source with programming language Ruby, Scala, Java, C/C++ and various of free toolses are provided here. Among others that is Cassandra, repository network Facebook bases on P2P that already exist since 2008 ago. Ada also Murder, that is project of open source that use Bittorent. In project underside open source is referred [as] existed brief explanation and there is ikon Twitter that can connect yours with part

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