Google helps tourist food message

Google helps tourist food message

BARCELONA Google pin-cushion launches service of menu translator to facilitate foreign turis food message.

In the day-to-day, frequent happened a turis that only can be English-speaking message of wrong ones food when pay a visit to a restaurant in Germany. For example, will not be able to turis are referred [as] cannot help face a cup of heat sop ox heart that likely acid. To overcome matter like this, Google presents its solution.

In arena Mobile World Komite (MWC) 2010, Google exhibits newest translator technology its. That is translated foreign food menus in instan pass by an application at smart celullar phone.

Forwarded Telegraph, Friday (19/2/2010) purwarupa early that created Google are referred [as] for at this time new can translate German language to English. Google plan develops this service to supports 52 languages.

"yours Imagine a traveller that enter a restaurant, where only existed menus that not understood. You surely will muzziness of food message," Marketing Manager Product Google, Andrew Gomez.

Menu Service this penerjemahan is development farther than feature 'Goggles' Google. This Feature enables searching user web without having to types word, but only by show celullar phone to an object.

This Software uses technology of optic character recognition to amend word is written and alter it becomes be next computer text is translated to Google service Translate.

"This Service still early stage. We want to introduce its demonstration beforehand. We want to showed so excitement its celullar phone Anda when connected with this technology," Gomez

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