Alertness Google, Glorious Baidu

Google PLAN for hengkang from China bring separate benediction for Baidu, specifically for advertisement business. Reported, Baidu experiences of earnings increase that make their aplomb more and more mounts.

The profits which it might be expected to make Increase Baidu, according to Wall Street Journal is as high as 48% in fourth kuarter. Whereas its earnings increase go ups 40% from last year.

In consequence, searcher machine this besutan China conducts perombakan online advertisement system that they have. Baidu has launched system called Phoenix Nest to change system previous marketing even advertisers have not yet altogether ready to.

This Perombakan [it is true] have time to punch and lessen company profit. Nevertheless Baidu sure they will be able to meraup larger ones profit if pengedukasian at advertisers succeed.

That Confidence proven correctness. Since Google announcement that surprised in on January last, much be next advertisers look away at Baidu. This condition are clarified by statement that made a analyst Elinor Leung.

"If I become Google consumer, I of alternative searching to planning budget my advertisement in this. I of precaution if Google really leave this country," he said.

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