Privacy Problem menaces Google Buzz

Privacy Problem menaces Google Buzz

SAN FRANSISCO new pin-cushion yesterday launched, Google Buzz has harvested protest. Some internet users worry Google Buzz can not mind problem of user privacy.

In issue that thrown by Silicon Alley Insider, forwarded pass by PC World, Thursday (11/2/2010), Google Buzz are predicted will present all contact of user properties, either existing contact in email or service instant messaging. Buzz will automatically start mem-follow existing contacts and will present list is referred [as] to public. That means, foreigner even also can see contact address that has been contacted by user BUzz.

"Imagine if in the reality you can find with whom your husband chatting currently. Or with Google Buzz, it is possible your boss will be able to find address of functionary email in company rival," say SAI.

Unhappily, the party of Google has not yet gave comment relates this issue. Nevertheless clear, in maiden launching its, Google has announced existence of features for menangkal abuse of user privacy Buzz by others.

One of them is Google comitment to publicize user profile Buzz in accordance with permission the owner. Thus, most user information Gmail is not publicized directly. Even, user can activate feature 'unfollow' until they will not be connected with undesirable people.

Even, before user Buzz posting their message for publicized to public, Google gives choice, do their message wish presented to one who mem-follow or only to people that di-follow.

Principally, Google are predicted has gave freshment [of] full [of] in using Google Buzz by predict its form of user privacy protection.

Google by it self had launched Buzz was one day last, as [the] form of alternative service to overcome the hoisterous of usage Twitter and Facebook.

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