Facebook confesses API for unsolved BlackBerry

Facebook confesses API for unsolved BlackBerry

No bekerjanya application Facebook in BlackBerry that griped much users in the reality not only in Indonesia but around the world. Facebook confesses that happened because of existed problem at API (application programming interface) that used [by] developer to develop application.

"We face problem with our API until some users will never accessed passed its peripheral at this time. This API is designed in order to partners operator can provide application settled Facebook. We have been coped finish problem is referred [as] at quickly," during statement Facebook that forwarded situs Erictric.

Along change of version display webnya, Facebook [it is true] merilis version API just pass by blog developernya. GM Direct Sales PT XL Axiata, Handono Warih, previous handle service previous BlackBerry XL tells this API change indirect possibility is followed with adjustment by Research In Motion (REAM;RIM) at service BlackBerry.

Still, a number of users report application Facebook in BlackBerry has worked return start noon Thursday. Even, its display a few/little changes with ikon addition if status update accompanied link to certain situs, for example ikon YouTube if there is link to situs share video in menu news feed

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