From AIM can chat to Facebook

From AIM can chat to Facebook

User of message service instant property American On Line (AOL) now can communicate with friend those in is being online in Facebook.

Forwarded pass by Yahoo News, Thursday (11/2/2010), newest version from software AIM can connect function chat AOL Instant Messaging (AIM) with feature chat in Facebook. Conducive This condition users AIM conducts chatting with friend those in surfing in Facebook.

Nevertheless, user AIM that wish use this new feature remain to must have akun in Facebook. Later, akun are referred [as] that will emerge in Facebook, not ID AIM. User that mendownload software AIM and connect it with Facebook will be able to see friend list AIM and online Facebook separately.

This is one of effort AOL to make change in frame overdraws much users. Until now, user amount AIM reaches around 17 million, entered user AIM in celullar phone. Whereas user Facebook reaches 400 million.

Before celullar phone technology and jejaring social, like Facebook and Twitter emerges, AIM is pioneer in industry jejaring social [of] in the world of illusory. Message Service instan AOL is one of piquancy to be used because enable communication in real time becomes easier.

Previously, AOL also ever launches service called conducive lifestreaming users accesses newest postingan from friend in network, in Facebook and also Twitter.

Besides Facebook and Twitter, AIM also haves agreement with service other instan messenger, entered Google Chat and Gmail, conducive user AIM conducts logarithm in from Gmail.

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