Argumentative Microsoft problem at Windows 7

Argumentative Microsoft problem at Windows 7

Although a number of users have grumbled Windows related to problem of battery problem 7, Microsoft tells that [his] side is testing that. That biggest Company of software maker predicts maybe there is problem with some model of appearance causative PCs error message. However, Microsoft believe thats system operation Windows 7 are referred [as] walk in proper order.

In posting in blog-its, Monday (08/02), division president Windows, Steven Sinofsky, tell that company is referred [as] will mem-follow up research hits notifikasi message that indicate that battery user is must changed, because its fact battery is needn't changed. “In system Windows 7 can give weak or damage warning its battery, nevertheless Windows 7 wrong give report of battery status.” express Sinofsky.

He/she enhances that orders error are referred [as] still new for Windows 7, until user must to upgrade Windows 7, that maybe previous not come up. Although many complains, Sinofsky has not yet saw Windows 7 suggest anything unless system that really mengidentifikasi battery that work below par (underperforming). Sinofsky tells that problem only happens in a number of percentage of user.

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