Facebook are assessed discrimination to yahudi

Facebook are assessed discrimination to yahudi

Facebook that weared more than 350 million users, in the reality assumed will never go into effect fair. Because, a activist of protest jew Facebook because acout to close.

Protest that conducted akun was called that David Appletree began moment akunnya is referred [as] because assumed David uses spurious name. Though, according to policy Facebook prohibits its user wears identity and pseudonym. however David not sees that as [the] reason why akunnya to close. He tells, service jejaring that social closes acout because he/she promotes situs organization set of security to internet yahudi (JIDF).

"Facebook send overs me an email, that advise that I use spurious name and that prohibited,” clear Appletree, such as those which forwarded Internet News, Thursday (11/2/2010).

"We see Facebook have conducted discrimination to interconnected issue anti jew, anti Israel and posting about terrorism. This will never accepted," tambahnya.

See that, Facebook speaks. A mouthpiece Facebook Simon Axten tells its company is forced membredel akun one who uses spurious name or operate Facebook with spurious identity.

Axten also explains, David already memposting hits article about existence of penyudutan terhadapYahudi. And according to Axten it might generate polemic later on.

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