Iran of service cover Gmail

Iran of service cover Gmail

Government iran berencana to close service of Google email, Gmail in permanent.

Google mentions, happened degradation trafik service very sharp Gmail in Iran. In other hand, base report that accepted Google, some of users in country is referred [as] also frequent experienced of problem when access Gmail, even its network works properly.

"We get report from users our in Iran that they find difficulties access Gmail. Degradation trafik Gmail drastically also happens over there. Nevertheless we can ascertain, our network over there works jolly good," word of Google mouthpiece, like borrowed ideas from AFP, Thursday (11/2/2010).

Delegation of telecommunications area Iran announces suspensi to Gmail and mention that this service will immediately closed for all citizen Iran.

There is no furthermore explanation this subject of service closing reason by government Iran. Nevertheless anticipated, this condition related to noise of protest [of] action movement oppositions Iran, commemorative Revolusi islam 1979. Google even also mentions, degradation trafik Gmail and problem report accesses come concurrent with the hoisterous of this movement.

Actuators protest action uses various of modern network peripherals like Gmail and Twitter to call upon protest were to the ketidakpuasan general election result Iran last June.

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