Facebook reach fors 100 million mobile users

Facebook reach fors 100 million mobile users

In sixth its, noted biggest social website brand Mark Zuckerberg has reached for important bollard. Now they have 100 million mobile users.

As [the] information, Facebook mobile user bases has folded duplicate in range of time less than six-month. Informed, September 2009 last their mobile user amount just reaches 65 million users.

This mobile Growth of user amount is remarkable growth. Its section, like VIVAnews borrow ideas from AllFacebook, 11 Februaries 2010, growth of user amount web they is not that.

As [the] comparison, in time in common, namely September 2009, their web base user amount is noted around 300 million. At this time amount is referred [as] reach 400 million.

That means, from berbasis web user side, its growth only 25 percents. Meanwhile mobile user growth reaches 53 percents in period in common.

Like known, Mobile Facebook are supported by all mobile peripheral producers main. For example like Nokia, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson, Palm, iPhone and at celullar phone base on Android, Windows Mobile, Sidekick, INQ etc..

In other hand, Facebook are also exploited by all main telecommunications operators in various of world angles as a means of marketing.

Recently Facebook also announces that they their mobile meredesain situs namely m.facebook.com and touch.facebook.com for mengakomodasi all users Facebook pass mobile browser in 70 languages. In other hand, Facebook also supports brief message (SMS) from 80 operators more in 32 countries in the world.

Announcement this Facebook strengthens result survey that recently conducted Opera. At the time Opera mentions, usage mobile Facebook at browser Opera Mini had mounted around 619 percents in 2009 last.

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