Google makes access internet quick ultra

Google makes access internet quick ultra

San Francisco of Google pin-cushion returns present surprise. They will develop optic fibre broadband network quick ultra for internet user in [the] United States. Promised, its speed 100 times more made time just than broadband connection was that exist in THE UNITED STATES at this time.

"Our Target is by new to make access quicker and better internet for everyone," say Google brand manager, Minnie Ingersoll and James Kelly in posting blog.

They express, Google will make and test-drive that internet network in various of regions start in 2010 this. Resident Amount that involved in tes possibility reaches gyration 500 thousand people.

In test-drive, speed accesses will dites for example for download high definition film. Engross its, , connection make times this can be enjoyed with price reached.

"We will send internet speed that 100 times bigger than that accessed most yankee at this time, with speed 1 gigabit every second," accuse them.

Google [it is true] value accesses internet in country unsatisfactory . "Access high-speed internet must available broader," say CEO Google, Eric Schmidt.

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