cibodas - west java indonesia

cibodas - west java indonesia

chilled and marvel likely liver if see this waterfall. Energetic water Tint, fall tack a contingent stone in bawahnya. Split second inserted fear, when precise we under fall water. Nevertheless, aeolian seeds of water dew where on earth, like report on real friendship. I, the strong and heroic waterfall, will always accept.

That meaning that will be implicit, your foot/feet moment has a time mengempaskan its footstep there any time you will. In location that located in hillside Gede– This Pangrango, return remembered so till tens of the last year not a lot change over there.

Journey [go] toes waterfall cibeureum still must passes green tree consecution. Walk brotherly undakan-undakan. Enjoy fresh result air fotosintesa, that its quality very far cry when reside in urban that full [of] dust and smoke kanlpot motor vehicle.

Your Breath surely will a few/little tersengal, nevertheless that thing will be paid keel when you arrive at waterfall, because you will be pampered view that beautiful and exotic teramat. Merely remind that we reside in conservation area, that already have an age hundreds of years old now.

Nevertheless like that, Place this wisata also experiences of developments that can facilitate visitor to be able to more enjoy this waterfall. that thing seen with forming of a length bridge that [go] to waterfall

Bog Street just prior to post Panyangcangan that will do not willing to must we pass, has been made wooden bridge. More horizontal, rather than climb. This more fraternize, rather than defile foot/feet, because bog seepage that [it is true] sometime bother dibawahnya. Seen prettier and natty, fraternize because facilitate.

Similar Matter also then met, when more and more come near waterfall paska post Panyangcangan. Rapih structured woods Consecution, like become gateway. [go] to nature atmosphere, waterfall "Red" that heard boil above there.

In Cibeureum, now also is being seen some buildings just decorate. A wood altar, stand up precise above river stream Cikundul. Ada also a similar building altar nevertheless complete with its roof also decorates now. Make us balmier enjoy nature, without having to kegerahan.

Place wisata this nature shows made more fraternize now. Keep away people from difficult shadow enjoy it. Make more and more near nature, with many people. That mean more and more many people that have a time recognize its nature. And decide love it.

Unnecessary feared perverted when we set mind on menyambangi this waterfall. If start journey from Jakarta, instruct just accelerate vehicle [go] toes area Puncak. Arrive at intersection Cibodas, direction of National park area. Park vehicle in car park, most vast expanse of in area countryside Rarahan, and we can start journey by walk.

If start journey from Bandung. Instruct your car to area Cianjur. Continued [go] to area Puncak. Arrive at branch Cibodas, after Cipanas, conduct similar matter as expressed by previously.

Don't forget report first to post PHPA National park Gede – Pangrango that reside in near car park. Payee of sign ticket entered that is not too expensive, and after altogether all right please enjoy beautiful its nature sepuas you. after satisfy your also can bring present for brought [go/come] home that many sold in garden location wisata Cibodas


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