kerinci's mountain peak that constitute active flaming mountain supreme at Indonesia. This mountain is looked so near of one of Mountain back Seven. kerinci's mountain that soars to go to space one will appear alone. Mountain area Seven disjointed by highway that link River Heaving Full, kerinci's Regency capital, Jambi's province, with Estuary Beaches, Jazzy regency, West sumatra. To climbers, kerinci's mountain with its top at high 3.805 meters above the sea level (dpl) really one will ever be become daring. But then, for amatiran's climber that merely wants to feel its tire walks to increase through lane, Mountain area Seven can cure dream conquer that mountain peak.

At Sevenses Mountain area this types various life typical satwa kerinci seblat's National Park (TNKS), as tiger of sumatra (Panthera tigris sumatrensis), ape, honey bear, boar, tapir, get bird kind, and a variety butterfly type.

The living one plant at thisa medley even with primadona a variety nature orchid type and semar's bag flower. Falt run down while climb up ensured by vanishing while gets in at wisata's intent location that is at Mountain area Seven, namely one the so called Lake lake Mountain Seven. Partly citizen surroundinging to call it too by the name of Lake God.

Mountain lake Seven are lakes those are on high 1.950 dpl's meters. Lake that is in this TNKS'S area constitute supreme lake at South-east Asia area. Incline band goes to Mountain Lake Seven can pass through TNKS'S Post gate at Silvan Pelompek, Aro's Timbered district, kerinci's regency. At village with a high 1.600 that dpl's meter airs to feel cold, most even more since wind always blows taut. Without jacket or thick cloth, cold wind feels to prick bone.

For visitor what do want to climb up to Sevenses Mountain Lake more morning, can utilize resident house around postal. At a swoop dwelling house as homestay that can be ordered before arrival day, or on arrival day it also if by chance no visitor which lodge.

Trip of incline gate wend Mountain Lake Seven eats time to sail through among two hours until three hours. There is two incline bands, namely pass through more long time band landai but farther and through new band with steeper inclination until more than 60 degrees but faster.

At incline tip of two its bands, visitor shall pass through sharp menurun lane that gets in at Sevenses Mountain lakeside. At place this is nature miracle can be seen. One lake with longing vicinity four kilometers and wide three membentang's kilometers is in front wink.

Lake broadly surrounding 12 kilometer are it square drawned round by six mountains, which is Tebo's Upstream Mountain with a high 2.525 dpl's meters, Sangir's Upstream mountain (2. 330 dpl's meters), Mandura's mountain Iron (2. 418 dpl's meters), Sweet basil mountain (2. 230 dpl's meters), Jar's mountain Roasts (2. 469 dpl's meters), and mountain with top highest, which is Sevens Mountain (2. 732 dpl's meters).

Visitor that wants to enjoy nature panorama helds captive other at Lake area Locks-up Seven can too come to Mountain Waterfall Seven. Waterfall is with a high that meter tens stem of Mountain Lake Seven. Visitor that wants to reach this waterfall can pass through band one tread not restrains from wisma's ex about rest at elbow swinging post at hillside with time sails through trip up to two hours until three hours.

Mountain lake Seven by all aesthetical nature which be kept up to now haven't most teases jahil's hands. Until now Mountain area Seven are region that still whole and abiding. TNKS'S Hall party always remind visitor in order not to takes, catch, or takes in proprietary hayati variety thisa. To visitor does ever be reminded too for not scrawls or menorehkan whatever at Sevenses Mountain area. They also being reminded for not rampant discard waste.

Can't dimungkiri, Mountain lake Seven and nature area around it constitutes one of primadona wisata at Regency kerinci. Of just after a lot of beautiful nature dude ranch at that regency, Mountain lake Seven as more bulging because uniquenesses and aesthetical its proprietary one.

In the presence Mountain Lake Seven direct neighboring ones with kerinci's Mountain, one wills be balance lock-up supreme active at Indonesian it. Severally this the last year kerinci's Mountain even looked just after ‘ tame ’, so a lot of person that says that all that can happen since marks sense Mountain Lake Seven one become ‘ coolant machine of kerinci's Mountains.

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