Hill Serelo pin-cushion sumatera Indonesia

Hill Serelo pin-cushion sumatera Indonesia

hill this beautiful salero located dikawasan countryside Perangai Kecamatan Perangai (South Merapi) Sub-province Lahat.

hill salero is decorated stone bank that decorated by swallow bird that fly from here you can meliha human dibawah there as da small ant it is of course with very beautiful view

Hill Serelo is one of hill of God supremacy. He/she with miracle can stand up sturdy sky claw. Hill Serelo and nature that exist in vinicity [is] obliged to we care of and preserve don't ever destroy. Because if destroy that account impact and as a consequence is all of us that exist in this area.

More than anything else at this time earth we have been growing critical,its weather system has been arranged next, dry season longer than at the rains. Ozone layer that blanket this earth already damage muai global warm-up consequence. Only with penghijauanlah we can overcome one of disaster which is being will wait for us at the coming. Thousands of people could have feels this enjoyment of hill nature. Seen from thousands of name that painted and carved above stone as [the] sign that they ever come climb this Bukit Serelo.

to be able to this mencapat kepuncak mount salero it is of course you must struggle climb within reason other mount nevertheless perjalan you will not be felt because along the way you will be served with beautiful pemandang

and heat that you feel will lose by enjoy fountain ruthless that made of bamboo cleft adds unique its your journey. All these is unlikely journey fall into oblivions in life you.

will become await what else then come and beautiful nikamtei its this mount salero

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