Surosowan Palace - serang indonesia

Surosowan Palace - serang indonesia

SurosowanIstana Palace in form of segiempat for the width of 3 that hectares almost level with the ground, difficult very imagine like what form Istana Surosowan is referred [as] stand up before finally destroyed by Pemerintah the Netherlands dibawah head Daendels on November 1808. That War arising from kasultanan Banten refuses conscript its people for compulsory work in street-making Anyer pin-cushion Panarukan.

Surosowan Palace are built in 1526 dibawah head Maulana Hasanuddin and Pangeran Fatahillah after succeed defeat Kerajaan Pajajaran and grab capital of they, Banten Girang. Putra Maulana Hasanuddin, Sultan Maulana Yusuf, strengthen fortress is referred [as] with reef and stone red. Disekeliling fortress is built ditches that purportedly before now can be navigated small boats till to Java sea.

SurosowanDibagian Palace in Istana Surosowan itself is built bath place that is being called Roro Denok that pickings bentuknyanya is admiting of is being seen selfexplanatory till now. At centre part from pool referred [as] existed square building called Bale kambang.

Water which was in bath referred [as] indigenous to lake Tasik Ardi where before dialairkan to pool Roro Denok experiences of depurating process three levels beforehand by poured into building pengindelan (depurating) Red, White and Emas. Seen once that at a period of referred [as] already can master turbid technology of water processing becomes useworthy water.

SurosowanHal Palace draws other at bath Roro Denok this is the gold douche. Douche that actually made of copper and not that gold former commonly use to take a bath functionaries and also empire servant. So famous its name Pancuran Mas until people sure that that douche [it is true] made of gold. It is not bizzare matter moment Kasultanan Banten collapses, happened foray and all existing douches are taken all because maybe predicted made of gold.

At a period of sultan government Ageng Tirtayasa, to beautify Surosowan palace are rented past master from Portugal and the Netherlands, among others Hendrik Lucasz Cardeel. Palace Fortress is strenghtened and dipojok-pojoknya is built bastion, semicircle building with holes of soldier shoot peep and enemy shoot. work of art high dekor at Mr. that also can be seen from red tiling remains that attached with rhomb composition.

SurosowanMeskipun Palace in general Istana Surosowan can be spelled out members can be level with the ground nevertheless existing remains of fortress building, enough give separate story will be sturdy its palace defence. Fortress wall that consist of 2 parts (in and external) with thickness each 1 metre and winnow distance 3 metres, filled with heavy ground as [the] fastener.

Fortress is referred [as] formed from batubata of the size generally dalah 15 x 30 cms, by chalk and sand as [the] its fastener. That way strong its defence fortress this Istana Surosowan, can be imagined so awful its war that happened till only meninggalakan building pickings that almost level with the ground. However war [it is true] frequently bring disaster to its mankind and civilization.

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