curug cimahi - west java indonesia

curug cimahi - west java indonesia

Location searching wisata beautiful nature, exclaim, but easy reached from Bandung? There is nothing visits Curug Cimahi. Besides nature [of] view have the shape of waterfall experiences of as high as 85 metres one other highest in Bandung and its surroundings, object this wisata offers flora glamor and fauna beautiful.
Enter spandrel narrow;tight Curug Cimahi, view [of] have the shape of wide and high ngarai will directly confiscate our attention. In the distance, in between bush and fir-tree grove that boost, Curug Cimahi stands up arrogant split ngarai. Voice of river water whir that fall from height heard hardly seen or heard likely lures visitor for mendekat.

Nevertheless, don't ever assume trifle to be able to reach for elementary this curug. Before very eyes, spreaded out 600 footpath metres with 506 ladder-steps downwards. Butuh time at least 15-20 minute normal times to go through to elementary waterfall. Street fringes ngarai in the countryside Kertawangi, Cisarua, This West Bandung quite steep and also.

Curug CimahiUntungnya, this footpath entirely in a fine condition. Made of stones is multiplying that will not be muddy the rains scorpion is arriving like this present moment. Nevertheless, when drizzle, You must careful step. Terpeleset and out of joint. Hard its, can terperosok to creavasse. Footpath that width 1,2 2,5 this metres really [in] creavasse periphery and sometime only given boundary of wood hold that of course weak make body crutch.

Alongside journey, if lucky, You will meet local aborigines that is monkey of length tail (Macaca Fascicularis ). Area this wisata is one of coltish place of animal habitat this. Its population is now predicted 100 tails. This wild monkeys usual have a nest in high grove and have the leaf of close. Once in a while they emerge at [street] setapak to collect food crumb that fallen visitor.

If Anda are entered wild birds devotee, this place can gratify. In height 600 metres from elementary curug, right accross right side water stream plunged, You can witness birds from kinds of, majority jalak and ciung small stone (Myophonus glaucinus) have a nest in precipitous stoney. The number that only tens of this only can be perceived if Anda brings telescope.

Curug CimahiDituntut strong stamina to be able to pass this steep footpath. More than anything else, if [go/come] home and must tread it [again]. Laboured Anda brings stock nor clothes change that enough during journey. This Place frequent made area jogging track local resident and also from Bandung and about/around Cimahi. "Its view very beautiful. Feel reach even also lost to," say Nunu Sumarna (52), citizen incoming Cimahi pays a visit to this place a week once.

Water enough

Felt run down menuruni doorstep even also of keel paid moment of sprinkling result dew waterfall washes sweat in the face of. Whoever that arrive at under, will not have the power to enjoy fresh and cool water from curug with simply wash hand, wash foot/feet, nor bath. Release thirst and peckish by try various of camilans, snacks and food that vended in various of simple food stalls that is avaliable at about/around elementary this waterfall. Don't forget taste wajik burns that also become specific jajanan here.

Curug CimahiMenurut Engkos Kosasih(51), local figure, if seen from the top (of), this waterfall haves two-storey. This Curug Cimahi are entered unique. According to whose name is cimahi water alias enough, this waterfall debit always same, either the rains moment nor drought. "Nevertheless, compared to tens of last year, its debit far decreases. Former, in 1970s, rapid its can five times overs from now," he said.

Water Debit that empty into this Kota Cimahi in three last decades more and more decrease because river water exploitation Cimahi for settlement and water PDAM in two areas at the same time, that is Kabupaten and Kota Bandung. Though, former, moment of river water sprinkling so rapid and slammed till by tens metre from location, usual created rainbow in this area.

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