Temple Bangkal - mojokerto - indonesia

Temple Bangkal - mojokerto - indonesia

Temple range from to Bangkal Berada rice field/garden of resident property, location this Candi Bangkal has been easy to visited because of its position is not far exists from street countryside that still can be passed by car vehicle. A street from connective cement between entrance of temple object Bangkal by means of countryside is referred [as].

Have time to wrong took street when try position searching from this temple, because of existing public map/sold in bookstore, not give its location picture in precise. Fortunately its form unique and high by domination ruddle make it are seen selfexplanatory range from to green colour rice field and peohonan in the distance.

Temple Bangkal Kondisi temple that located in Desa Kambangsari, District Ngoro, This Sub-province Mojokerto has destroyed quite hard. Red Brick that is main materials this temple compiler looks start a lot eroded/cut/cuil in some angle;corners its.

Nevertheless as a whole this temple form has been seen selfexplanatory but at its tabletop, likely not intact next maybe ever collapse previously. Relief-relief that it is at wall of temple foot/feet still can be seen selfexplanatory, and also some existing arca banaspatis on the wall temple body has been seen patch in place. Totalize existed six arca banaspatis with 3 at entrance part (west), and each one unit at other sides.

Temple BangkalPada temple interior, namely middle dibagian atasnya has been shown relief Batara Surya that ride [in] one ponytail. This Relief reminds me at similar relief that I have ever see at Candi Jawi and Candi Badut. A piquancy remembers Candi Jawi and Candi Badut is compiled from rock andesit, differ from structured Candi Bangkal from red brick, but both this temple have "theme" in common at up section middle in temple.

Side face or west from this temple has been existed a heap of brick that predicted before now is gateway part from Candi Bangkal. Whereas north disisi from this temple has been existed a number of rocks andesit that scatter with special forms. Rock Possibility this andesit is predicted is decoration part and to the temple.

Temple Bangkal is predicted built between century 13th and 14 Masehis, where at a period of referred [as] happened displacement kekukasaan from jawa middle region to east jawa, along with power domination Majapahit at that century. As common to other temples, Temple Bangkal haves symmetrical pattern at its architecture.

Temple slim BangkalBentuknya and boost high is features from temples in East Java, differ from temple that in Central Java that though together have symmetrical pattern nevertheless have more corpulent form. This high and slim Form causes temples in East Java very rentan from collapse if happened earthquake. Temple Bangkal and also other temples (Temple Ngetos, Sawentar and Sumberjati) predicted have high roof part nevertheless has collapsed earthquake consequence.

Reside in between rice field/garden punduduk, look make this archaeology object silent from visit. Some tails goat look asik grass not far from temple side, while elementary part muddy temple because suffused water growing lessens desire to try come near temple. A den wasp at up section this temple entrance growing assures that this temple [it is true] relative seldom visit by tourist.

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