Coastal area South Ciamis - ciamis indonesia

Coastal area South Ciamis - ciamis indonesia

Sandy Coast is carpeted wide till tens of kilometre, diseling by banks cadas, unite with clear chromatic green or blue, "to colour" by green countryside asri nan and forest that still close, create extraordinary beauty atmosphere in Ciamis West Java south coastal area.

Flank by Samudra Indies and area hilly, coastal area South Ciamis can be reached by during 5 hour with motor vehicle from Bandung by the way of that smoothly. A great river that is Citanduy in nearness, and some other rivers fairish.

Fertility soil, sea [of] full [of] fish, covert bay and fresh water overflows make coastal area area South Ciamis had been dwelt by human since era Kerajaan Galuh at seventh century till 16-th centuries. Government Netherlands Indies founds coconut plantation here, followed with infrastructure [of] development have the shape of port and railway line.

Train Development is conducted in 1912, penetrated hilly pass by three tunnel;cuttings and some bridges. One of tunnel;cutting its, called Wilhelmina, is longest train tunnel;cutting in Indonesia which is about 1,2 kms.

A "garden hunts" also developed here in 1920s for activity wisata to all organizer or for plantation employees the Netherlands or Europe from vinicity area.

After activity independence wisata continues expand in coastal area South Ciamis up this moment until now and present one coast that is being so recognized that is Pangandaran.

Tldak are argued next that tourism center in coastal area South Ciamis resides in Pangandaran and has been available various of facilities quite complete here. There is lodging begin at hotel, till losmen or house that can be rented from resident.

Goody is presented by various of restaurants, like nana irobane fresh nan, bream burns or type other kuliner. Cenderamata stores are also disseminated here [together/ along] with many places rental equipments for activity wisata like tandem bicycle, ATV and motorbike.

A farm menjorok to sea called Pananjung former pin-cushion its indigenous to a be next island is linked with mainland pass by pin-cushion isthmus makes Pangandaran becomes ideal place to see sunrise and sun sink.

Westside Coast haves wide sand carpet and length, become place preoccupies for various of activities, entered swim, especially in morning and evening.

In area Pananjung is existed conservation [of] area have the shape of garden wisata nature and preserve with forest that still leafy, dwelt by deer, monkey, monkey, iguana, bat and bird rangkong.

Place that often visited tourist dl area this is the nan white sands captures and some nature caves. Visitor also can explore forest to see flower Rafflesia and waterfall. Unhappily terumbu existing rock has destroyed, although now is being conducted effort to cure it pass by activity of rock transplantation.

Best Time visits Pangandaran is dry season, when peace sea, when fish, cumi, prawn and crab overflows. At vacation seasons, Pangandaran can be crowded by visitor.

Nevertheless, actually masin quite a lot available room alongside coastal area South Ciamis for activity wisata. Coasts not fails draw other can be met in Krapyak with white sand and view up at Pulau Nusa Kambangan, Coast Batu Hiu to see view amazes from the top (of) rock, or Pantai Batu Karas with bay that peace and safe to swim.

This last Coast is also known as place and now start is being frequently expanded lodging and restaurant. Visitor also can boating in green and chromatic river Cijulang, pass ngarai are recognized by the name of hijau canyon. In other hand, visitor can swim in pools experiences of clear nan at stream sungaisungai indigenous to mount or in cave.

For the man who take a fancy to adventure can follow activity explores rural or menelusun railway line remains, entered its tunnel;cutting, by walk or wear bicycle mount.

Here very green and asri with its house settlement natty and clean, present peace atmosphere and please. In other hand existed various of home industries like making of coconut sugar, soybean cake, tempe, crisply, marionette or shadow play that attractive to look at.

Now tourists especially from foreign countries start take a fancy to various of activities are being referred [as] to enjoy more coastal area beauty South Ciamis.


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