Pacitan The Hidden Paradise - pacitan indonesia

Pacitan The Hidden Paradise - pacitan indonesia

Name Pacitan is heard becoming moment warmness Bapak SBY becomes president RI, because of he/she borns and indigenous to small city of referred [as]. I interest make write this ttg Kota, because of I born and have time to live in nan small city picturesque that. Last year, I with my cousin menginjakan foot/feet in city that for vacation, because I caw ever tires of enjoy nature that very variatif and the most that Indah.

Pacitan [it is true] seldom heard its chasm, nevertheless I want to share to show same tmn2 kaskuser all, that there is very awful Keindahan in city that. Pacitan have nature that very variatif, because geographical its unique texture and wide variety. That City have exquisite Pantai, eksotik and still maiden, likely kalo I pay a visit there, like to empty island, its coast silent, white sand, blue sea, billow and much steep rocks. Coast srawu and Klayer, coast that very dazzle me.

There are some next coast like Teleng Ria, coast dipinggir city pacitan that is diteluk Pacitan. There is coast watu karung, coast segara anakan, and still many. But frequent my visiting is Pantai Teleng Ria(because close to city), coast srawu and Pantai Klayar (because access the way that very race my adrenalin and most most beautiful Pantai that I have ever see. Besides Pantai, pacitan is area mountain, its city is called bowl city because encircled by mountain and hilly. In Pacitan, there is area Pegunungan, coast, Lowland, Plateau like Puncak, that's the most make me forbear staying there, because 1 city consist of many Variasis place.

Pacitan located in south Pulau jawa, border between Jogjakarta, jawa Tengah, and jawa timur.letaknya step into East province jawa. For you that ever there, surely will remark that access that street to city dr direction wonogiri very races adrenalin, go up mount downwardses mount (hehe), dengak very steep zoom left hilly and right Jurang, and kalo have entered city pacitan,will be seen south sea view that can be enjoy diperjalanan we.

From Jakarta can be gone through during 12-15 hour with car Pribadi. Cart and Plane blom there is aksesnya. Because if cart, then must split mount multiplies yes gan… heheh..

Route travelling I as usual kayak gni.. I by car dr Jakarta about/around morning at 9 or at 10, and till dawn pacitan early morning. I berama temen2 I directly [go] to arjosari countryside Gembong to stay with tante2 I. After rest, evening we continue make to Pantai closest that is Pantai Teleng Ria.

Coast cheerful Teleng resides in bay Pacitan, its coast calmer from other Pantai2. Its sand brown, nevertheless very long, Teleng Ria coast most multitude, because at the edge of heart capital of pacitan. Dipinggir coast a lot swim, because not too in. But must hati2 because much sea mangers around situ. After satisfy play, I and teman2 directly refresh it-self, bath in bath of warmness water above mountain, area donorojo. Its ticket cheap relative, only 2000 rupiahs for adult. Usually toward the year magrib we [go/come] home.

Night its, usually wisata kuliner, trus tomorrow usually have planning to Goa Gong, Most most beautiful Goa south-east se asia, from my place more or less around 2 hour. [go/come] home from goa Gong, we hunting photo, to Pantai Klayar, ajib banget ni coast, because its rock that very beautiful, coast with white sand, and blue sea. In klayar we usually take a ride hill, to see sea from the top (of), access [go] to klayar better don't use car Pribadi, because felt sangat2 same darling its car.

Much photographers are recognized immortalize klayar as Projectnya. Satisfy with klayar?? Sure less, pgnnya berlama2 there… but hunting direct we to SRAWU, there I often banget swim in perforated kiarang, its coast silent kalo usual day. That Wktu dipantai Cuma I and tmn2 I. Seruw banget deh. And there we caw lewatin that whose name is sunset.. Beautiful MASYA ALLAH bangettt…

All Picture2s here is result hunting I and some of me searching in google uncle. Previous Makasih dah will read my article that length, mudah2an ga bosen because in adjacent same amazing foto2.

morning Pantai Klayar, rich with big stones, similar next Spinx broods, white, menadahkan it-self accepts trpaan wave. Here there is external reef gap can be big, that become penahan terjangan wave, make that water are filtered and excitement menyiprat, with flinging down till seven metres, and voice ossify, supposing seluring that ditiupkan with anger. Water Blast that pass that gap called Serulign Sea of by local resident.

This coast Sand white, length and clean. Even cleanest cloud even also shame dipersandingkan with this coast, more than anything else moment of broom water spumes its line, similar snow that slowly melt.

If toward the year afternoon, sun that start collapse, make this coast like wet carp carpet. And if mobile you, take a ride one end of stone, straighten hand, accept terpaan wind and broaden view, be confidence, not one even also there will be word is said, because palsied mind, and we only know, at the opposite of nature that amaze this, of course move remarkable hand, that create it

NB: Why its title PACITAN the HIDDEN PARADISE??? Because here to exotic and amaze, remind me same BALI and PAPRIKA, because still VIRGIN,,

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