Have love with Nyangnyang's Island Wave - SUMATERA INDONESIA

Have love with Nyangnyang's Island Wave - SUMATERA INDONESIA

"Waves to remember," Arjen Pennekamp's comment, peselancar is Dutch origin already eats up 18 days at Masokut's Island or more recognised with Nyangnyang's Island, Mentawai's archipelago, West sumatra. That comment its taste doesn't laid it on thick. Gigantic it Mentawai's wave make that archipelago always being remembered by them that have once stopped in to region that lie 120 miles of that Moorland City. Nearly everyday Arjen and its brother, Jelle, indulged by famous Mentawai rolling wave among peselancar universalizes. Even it time both of Arjen visits Mentawai. "Aesthetical, calm, kealamian, and of course its wave that against, that is that makes I come back," allegedly words about present it that time.

Pulau–pulau is little at south Siberut's Island, the biggest island at archipelagic Mentawai, among peselancar is known as region that have beach with its wave that against. In local language, koat's so-called wave.

Pulau–pulau is little it also restrains from noise and hiruk–pikuk is exhausting city. Beach drawns round that region sandy white, green forest, and fresh air.

Besides Nyangnyang, to amount to other island that popularly is Karangmajat's Island, Masilok's island, Botik's island, and Mainuk's Island.

Gigantic it wave at Mentawai's archipelagic area starts to be known by peselancar's circle universalizes on year 1990. This condition of even makes Mentawai that disinonimkan can with surfing. Sampai–sampai is mengistilahkannya's vicinity resident as playground or garden plays since a lot of surfing mode at pulau–pulau that.

Trip of Siberut's Estuary goes to surfing arena at Nyangnyang is sailed through by use of motordriven boat. Necessary vicinity time two hours for gets to Nyangnyang's Island that its distance around 21 miles of Siberut's Estuaries. "Its cost once Rp's surrounding road 450.000. Usually we mengantar they, then picking up after one or two weeks," say Usdek Amen, leasing effort owner motordriven boat at Siberut's Estuary.

There are many Siberut's Estuary citizen that have motordriven boat leasing for mengantar and picks up tourist that wants to surf. Boat can be rent by Rp's rate 400.000 until Rp 500.000 for once trip.

That morning, Usdek wants to pick up Arjen and Jelle. Trip sailed through by boat, via Siberut's Estuary River that calm accompanied sky which sunny and air oceanic fresh one. At along trip, we meet with traveling Mentawai aborigin with sampan. At Mentawai's Island as almost all trip is sailed through by use of boat or ship because land road haven't is equal to.

At right side and river left mangrove forest unfolding that deluge with various membered the living one ecosystem in it. As arriving as at river estuary, appear burung–burung camar who fishes. After a few moments melayang–layang in midair, that white bird swoops sharply to water and take in fish at its bill.

Besides ISLANDs bunch landscape in the far distance and wilderness that stills to experience, trip wends surfing arena also happen through Mentawai's tribal gathering place at Katurai. Between coconut palm suite, appear rumah–rumah traditional Mentawai Is uma the so called. Around estuary also a lot of Mentawai's resident that discard their boat anchor to fish. They menebar jala or going fish.

About one hour then descries Nyangnyang's Island. In the far distance, buih–buih turns white to descry melaju making for beach. After bounds fast to shut close to beach, Usdek waves to put hand out. Descry Arjen and Jelle replies its hand wave. "So it ’ s time to go?" say Arjen with toned not willing.

Before ends up their holiday at Nyangnyang's Island, Arjen, Jelle, and Hendi (19, Usdek's child), try has love by wave and bring home beautiful memory from Mentawai. They are perambulating lane go to island other side that its sizable wave.

Beach that pretend sepi as theirs triad. Desert island atmosphere and placating kind of that is that is looked for lovers as smooth as of world-wide to release fatigue and routine. After swims slightly not nearly beach, they wait wave in point for surf.

A little while, roll billowinging to draw near they. While is wave sprout is still melayang in midair, peselancar that swimming even upon board as smooth as. So wave as high as more than two meter it goes down to touch oceanic water levels, friskily peselancar that stands up board above and melaju lickety split while as once classy.

Simple cabin

Around surfing arena exists pondok–pondok simple who can be rent around Rp 50.000 about persons per nighted. That cabin Mentawai's aborigin belonging that indigenous Silvan Taileleu at crosses Nyangnyang's Island.

Taileleu's resident have coconut palm at Nyangnyang's Island, and sewaktu–waktu they come to take coconut fruit over there. Since Nyangnyang's Island multitude by peselancar what does hail from angle sort universalizes, severally islandic beginning make cabin and rents out it.

Local resident can also ask for memasakkan needed food peselancar. Foodstuff and supply as rice, instan's mi, potato, drinking water, vegetable, or canned foods can be bought at Siberut's Estuary.

If wave be crummy, wind subtractedding to back up, peselancar berjalan–jalan can drawn round island. Forest that deluge really may not be explored, but walking along steps aside white sandy beach one drawn round island of course one experience which rejoice. They can also do recreation dove (scuba diving), snorkelling, or merely fishes at unclouded waters.

Usually, month of June until August constitutes while best for surfs. "Wave be bagus–bagusnya in july until August, can until meter sevens in height," say Usdek prides.

Indulged by wave that dares, beautiful landscape, halcyon atmosphere, not nearly ingar–bingar machine and vehicle whir, making seolah–olah's time stops. To temporary, at Nyangnyang's Island day and the time of day is not again problem.

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