Sands white - situbondo indonesia

Sands white - situbondo indonesia

Sands Putih in Kabupaten Situbondo, East Java, recognized because its sand carpet white. Not only that, coast morphology inipun is spelled out members unique. Its topography curved face to sea with background of bunch form forest very beautiful panorama.

Northwards, tourist can see north sea broadness Java by white line at the edge of coast. In its back, rimbunan forest presents separate ruthless.

Sand Putih is one of target wisata pledge coast for Provinsi East Java. Its This condition because position strategic, that is in main road boundary Surabaya-Banyuwangi. Tourist that wish go to Bali (from Surabaya), or [go] to Gunung Bromo (from Banyuwangi), usually stop by to rest and witness panorama beauty served, especially enjoy exquisite its sunset (sunset).

Many sea sport like swim, dive, and also berselancar can be conducted on shore this. If shy at swim, visitor can take a ride boat to sail and enjoy undersea view. Variated entertainment amusement like music concert and bermacam race like race, fishing rod, and traditional race of fisherman boat is often performed to gratify tourists.

In other hand, on October fishermans usually perform ceremony Petik Sea of, that is melarung food, jajanan, and cow head to middle of sea as [the] effort request God-appointed marine product benediction. At this ceremony not seldom performed music staging ”Gandrung”, that is popular traditional music in area Banyuwangi and its surroundings.

Sands Location Putih located in Kecamatan Bungatan, Sub-province Situbondo, East Java.

Path accross Sands Putih is spelled out members easy because its position at the edge of main road Surabaya-Banyuwangi. Arena wisata this coast distance + 174 kms from Surabaya or around 4 hour journeys by bus (public transportation) from terminal Bungurasih, Surabaya.

From direction of Situbondo, Sand Putih distance + 21 kms or half hour journey from Kota Situbondo. From Capital city this Kabupaten, journey [go] toes Pasir Putih can be gone through with public transportation sepert bus and minibus. Every visitor are imposed ticket expense as high as Rp 5.000.

For visitor that has not yet been skilled swim, around coast location there are a lot of float-tyre rent to romp in the middle of sea. Tourist also can rent boat that equiped glass-city to witness undersea view. Organizer wisata also provides bathroom facility, small mosque, and some places to rest have the shape of concrete bench that usually close to hawkers food.

On-site this also available kiosks that sell souvenir like boat replica and decoration and aksesoris from cockle. For that wish lodge, around location existed lodging [of] have the shape of hotel, motel, and losmen. But if wish camp, there is also special area to camp.

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