Sand Island charm Turns White Sibolga INDONESIA SUMATRA

Sand Island charm Turns White Sibolga INDONESIA SUMATRA

Sand island Turns White to constitute isle broadly surrounding 2,5 Hectares. This island offer unequaled charm. Its beach is sandy turns white, its oceanic is blue, and virgins forested hills. Every thing is beautiful to be seen eye. Sand island Turns White formerly be known by the name of Female Island. Islands main pledge beach aesthetical this and its oceanic. Its beach is sandy ground and white. Jajaran is lightsome growing coconut palm at as talkative as beach, add aesthetical its beach. At this island we can see ocean carpet extend, while breathes in pollution free a breath of air.

Its oceanic gets unclouded water so with naked eye we can enjoy berlarian's fishes hither and thither. In it also available carpet terumbu authors that is dwelt a number fish decorates variegation. Its island peripheral fenced by forest. Not to mention hills which wooded virgin forest as place of craving a number bird genus and iguana. Landscape that is on the market this island, obviously betah's cause gets long time.

At this island visitor can do various agreeable maritime activity. We can go fish one please. There is gets fish type at its oceanic, for example fish kerapu who becomes target angler. We can go fish without have to go to ocean mean, adequately spaced around 50 until 100 meters of beach and easy going seat upon bebatuan. A variety squashy fish type eat bait that we strikes down to go out to sea. Hereafter fishes out us to burn ashore while enjoy light breeze.

We can also swim at its beach without need alarm most wave sweep. Option othering to dove enjoy water bottom landscape its that fascinating following biota its oceanic. If lazy gets wet fun, we can shelter with oscillation under kerindangan its ashore grove while reads favorite book.

Even this island is cute but aesthetical one is offered a great degree. Fairly if citizen of Sibolga's countryside arrives, particularly lovers nature. Besides of course Sibolga's citizen and some firm which arrange holiday with. This island also kerap is made as holiday resort of weekend by family.

Tripping tips

Sand island Turns White to be at Sibolga's waters, nearby Port Sibolga Tapanuli Intermediates. Edge out reaches it. Of Emery terminal at Clears A Root Sisingamangaraja, Field we can go by car L300 or KUPJ goes to Sibolga. Rp's fare 80 thousand about person. Time sails through it up to eight hours. Hereafter lease boat's boat. Its cost p / p Rp 75.000 about person. Time sails through it vicinity 45 minutes by use of ship boat speed 100 pk.

Suggested by departed to this island while is still morning, about hits 8 an to avoid the sun extremes. Take drinking water and snack supply. Utilize suncream to reduce the sun sting. Sweep along bathing outfit, go fish and another. If wants to dove, can lease its outfit at rental hotel.

At this island is available simple lodging as home as cabin which completed by flock room to burn result fish goes fish. If wants island way outs can lease boats.

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