ciliwung - indonesia

ciliwung - indonesia

tourism in Sungai Ciliwung, why not? Sederet interesting object to restaurant presents goody is ready to enjoyed begin at upper coarse in area Puncak till its stream body in Bogor, West Java.

Select, in pate;upstream part Ciliwung, there is Preserve cold Telaga Warna is encircled tea garden. In its body stream, there is marker [of] have the shape of area Bendung Katulampa tinggalan era the Netherlands, place eats balmy and delicious, till biggest bag shopping center in Tajur.

Preserve Telaga Warna located not far from Puncak Pas and from Highway Bogor Cianjur, that administrativelly government included in Desa Tugu, District Cisarua, Sub-province Bogor. Its place resides in tea plantation carpet and forest that still enogh close.

In wisata garden this, there is nature lake that its water level show chromatic. Green Colour moss is sometimes alternated red brown golden often seen. An iridescence [of] on the surface [of] lake because sunshine bound. Above lake, there is bank with big trees as kanopi.

In area in common, nature exploration still going on. After pass land/ground street that concreted with stone platform in the middle of tea garden and split small hills, suddenly carpeted vast expanse of green dale. Here, there is small lake so-called Telaga Cisaat and surrounding there are some plantation house.

Duo Telaga Warna and Cisaat and ambient its since last some years was established as Taman Wisata Alam Telaga Warna. Purportedly, wisata garden this predefined since five century ago. Poet Note Bujangga Manik at a period of Kerajaan Sunda mentions Talaga Warena this place, as a whole mean ’bed of down’.

Ticket step into this areal wisata less than Rp 10.000 per adult or children. Besides merely enjoy natural beauty in stillness, activity wisata implementable nature in this location even also suited for channels photography hobby, perception bird, and of course crosscountry by walk or cycle.

Satisfy and exhaustible go around lake? In 15-20 minute journeys exit from complex wisata garden this nature there is Melrimba Garden. Menyeruput warmness tea, copy, or multifarious food in restaurant in the middle of this garden of course please. Plants Shop, also learn way plant it also adds fresh atmosphere. Can also select Restoran Rindu Alam or food stall eats other alongside Puncak Pas.

Play to barricade

Fully filled Stomach fresh body [again], sign ready to continues next journey to Bogor. In city this Hujan, there is wisata one place that almost always passed, that is Bendung Katulampa. Barricade this located in Kecamatan Katulampa, Sub-province Bogor, precisely a few/little enter around two kilometres from Bale Binarum, Street Padjajaran.

Way in [go] toes barricade [it is true] narrow, two cars berpapasan must each other careful. Particularly, much public transportation cars often stop promiscuously alias ngetem. Nevertheless, so reach location barricades, view that offered quite draw.

Alongside path accross Katulampa, there is object other wisata that not fail recognized, that is Tajur. Between Katulampa, Tajur, and some of Streets this Padjajaran more knowledgeable with the title Kawasan Katulampa Bantar Kemang. In this Bantar Kemang since tens of year ago [it is true] known as industry ikon and leather suitcase marketing Bogor.

Once hear whose name is, direct memory concentrated to multifarious newest product of model bag, with quality, and of course cheap. In this quarter maybe there is around 50 bag stores. The average of small store. Only two big enough stores, namely Terminal Tas on highway Katulampa and SKI Tas Tajur on highway Katulampa

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