Coast Lombang Madura- madura indonesia

Coast Lombang Madura- madura indonesia

Coast Lombang in Kecamatan Batang-Batang is one of object best wisata in Kabupaten Sumenep. It is not strange if foreign countries tourist (wisman) a lot captivated with coast beauty and fir-tree udangnya. Why?

Wind Fizz quite cool that night. Wave that fail with riuh-rendahnya voice tens of people. Though, at day usually, only wind fizz and wave splashing that heard on shore Lombang nocturnal.

Yes, last night [it is true] show other atmosphere on shore north that. Coast sudden Lombang multitude. Sebabnya, 70 next wismans kamping on shore that.

Tens of that wisman indigenous to Dane, UK, Australia, India, and pakistan. They camp on shore after invited one of travel trade wisata in Jakarta. Every its year there is just travel trade that invite wisman visits Pantai Lombang. They not only see coast at noon, also atmosphere at night.

Tens of tent is founded around jejeran spruce prawn (type kasuarina) that become quickset coast wise. [several] that turises show enjoy nature view and hiss of night wave, at the same time grill fresh fish.

Director Remote Destinations (one of travel trade wisata in Jakarta) Leksmono Santoso to this newspaper confessed had defined Pantai Lombang was to wisman since 2000 last. Can be every year he/she brings tens of wisman for kamping over there.

He/she said, white sand carpet and spruce prawn alongside Pantai Lombang not fail with location wisata in Bali. "Since early I have confidence to defin tourism Indonesia not from Bali, but passed just Sumenep pass by this Pantai Lombang," he/she said.

Since know beautiful its Pantai Lombang, he/she directly designs package special wisata for foreign citizen who live in Jakarta. Its package quite draws, spend the night on shore Lombang.

It's seems, package that special wisata many is enthused. Every its year participant amount becoming increases many. "So that for my this year till refuse participant," he/she said.

For this year, package special wisata on shore Lombang that designed spend the night during in two days limited till 70 wismans. Participant Amount is limited because like to give good service. "If too much, rather riskan also," say Leksmono.

In fact, he/she said, Coast Lombang has been competent "sell". Nevertheless, that often griped wisman is the duration journey from Surabaya [go] to Pantai Lombang that eat time around six hour.

"If there is flight route to and from Sumenep-Surabaya, I optimistis will more wisman that will visit Sumenep, specially Pantai Lombang," tandasnya.

That thing, he/she said, become homework for Pemkab Sumenep. Its section, wisman has stated competent Pantai Lombang are visited and not fail with coasts Bali.

Pemkab, it's seems, quite serious merespons enthusiasm wisman to object wisata in Sumenep. Last night this newspaper with Wakil Bupati Sumenep Moch. Dahlan visits wisman on shore Lombang.

Even, Wabup have time to talks about sufficiently long with wisman. He/she said, wisman very enjoys panorama Pantai Lombang

He also confesses like with existence of wisman that pay a visit and camp on shore Lombang during a couple of days that. That Moment also promote a number of wisata Sumeneps and its artistry.

Dahlan confesses if transportation from Surabaya to Sumenep sufficiently long. Nevertheless, he/she optimistis that thing can immediately overcome. Its reason, soon this Airfield Trunojoyo will become main choice to cut short distance Surabaya-Sumenep.

"Insya God, during that is not old, Lapter Trunojoyo will operate. If has operated, will water down transportation from Surabaya to Sumenep and also direct to Bali," express Dahlan.

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