Visit Lake sidihoni INDONESIAN SUMATRA

Day that really sunny for us begin trip. To the effect we are Sidihoni's Lake. This is one of Samosir's Island uniqueness, which is lake upon lake. This lake lie 8 km from Pangururan.

According to vicinity society, this lake water ebbing upon Nias's earthquake some last time. Lake water that formerly close that plain really looked shallow. No that tofu goes to which that water gets lost.

But, its ebbing is lake water, don't reduce aesthetical over there. Sidihoni's lake that was drawned round by that mountain not defeat is beautiful with another dude ranch. Air around lake becomes really balmy.

Then, trip YOU CAN DRAWN OUT making for Museum Huta Bolon Simanindo to witness Sigale Gale's Dance. One society folk dance Robs that also has legend. Konon in this dance involves a buffalo which become devoting to davit. But just symbolic only.

Before witnesses Sigale Gale's dance, You CAN find time berkeliling into museum. Over there there are some King remainder Robs. There is cloth ulos with various motif and name kind, equipment cooks, armament and ornamental. Every thing it is collected neatly at one custom house Robs that as repository, that goods is windowed dress deep glass cabinet that dipantek that most dodge of jahil's hands irresponsible persons.

Duly hits 10.30 dance be begun. Begun by dribbles buffalo go to field mean and fasten it on one tree. From home beside aught custom right and left, appearance 3 women and 2 men furnished with dresses available Rob. They do ritual dance with offbeat sound typical bagpipe Robs. Its dance one that merepresentasikan will society wont Rob on antiquity. This dance has 12 acts. The latest act is Sigale Gale's Slug, one that dances and relate by tool help doll of wood.

Passed on that on antiquity, there is a king which really fond on its child. Up until some day childs passes away since pain. King even perceives really solitude without its child, then it looks for sculptor that really pro and asking for its to been made statue that its form with all the world like its child.

But in consequence just one statue, Reigning constant perceives solitude. Finally Reigning call its child spirit for turns in at that statue to be able to moves within reason a man which be still life. Story about sadness a father which stayed behind by its child this is that still guarded citizen around by keeps up it.

All through from museum Huta Bolon Simanindo, You CAN ALSO SEE how to ulos's makings Robs. Fragmentary its taste our trip if haven't seen how ulos's makings Robs. Since ulos constitutes society typical diligence Rob.

get in at Perbaba's Village. Over there available one home industry ulos's producers. Unhappily, while is we are arriving over there workers be rest lunch. Just seeming a mother which working ulos pink chromatic.

Under mown the sun, mothers asyik sits under leafy tree. Visually its hand so terampil make motif for ulos of gold colored yarn. Tool that is utilized not far in contrast to songket's maker tool at Palembang. One that differentiates it just its cloth motifs.

Ulos has motif that really unique. All through see ulos's makings, our trip drawns out to Siallagan Ambarita. At here happening it trial that first time. Its place is outlying slightly, drawned round by railing of stone with tall approximately 2 meters. Its entrance is little and over there also available one statue which look after that door.

Turn in at Siallagan's Village exists approximately 7 custom house Rob. Between that house, there is one house which largest. That greatest house is home Reigning Siallagan. Right in front of house Reigning, there is a trial lawcourt that consisting of one round table which lies medial and drawned round by chairs that every thing made from stone.

That lawcourt is shaded by one tree which greatly and old, called by Tree Days Fig. Tree Days Fig or one knew by Sevens Tree Days. Called by Tree Seven Days since treed it constitutes epitomizings of affluent be not it one monarchies. If is found one earth, therefore fig tree will beforehand plant out. And if in sevens days that tree barren, therefore that earth is indecent being made as location one monarchy. Because, if even tree can't live, therefore how its thing with man?

Siallagan Ambarita adequately clamorous visited touristed, well that strange and also domestic. Up to lies in it there is a guide who will tell how history Petrifies this trial. Story that really unique and pulling. Added by nature landscape that is so beautiful, charm and memesona. How? What is Samosir wills be your aim region next?

Tripping tips

Present Samosir island at conceive of Regency Samosir, constitute either one 13 regency those are at Northern Sumatra. To reach island that lies to be intermediated by this Toba's lake, can be sailed through by two tricks. First by use of ferry ship from Ajibata and secondly by way of land via Brastagi.

Of Field, if practical more troupe going lease car making for Prapat. Drawned out to go to Samosir by use of ferry ship cross Toba's Lake that so legendaris. Field distance goes to Prapat vicinity 176 km or more or less 4 hours.

Samosir gets balmy atmosphere and at severally superordinate place feels to be chilled. Better takes in jacket or thick slipover let more comfortable.

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