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Lefthand temple (high 12,5 m, far ranging: 35 m2) lie at silvan Rejokidal about 20 cities eastern km Baleful Javanese East. Lefthand temple to be built on 1248 m, bertepatan by gets finally Cradha's funeral ceremony to Reign Anusanatha (Anusapati), substitution Rajasa Amurwabhumi. Anusapati diarcakan as Siwa and is placed at temples main room. But now that statue not lies in place again.

Of visitor book list yan there is seeming that lefthand Temple is not as popular as its friend Singosari's Temple, Rooster or Jawi. It because Lefthand Temple lies far at rural, not many commented by history expert and rarely been written on tourism guidance books. This temple location is alone is at silvan main road periphery, but since menjorok's lie rather into so hard is seen before aptly correct lies gate ahead temple area input.

Lefthand temple made from stone andesit and gets vertical geometric dimension. Do splits seeming temple rather tall with entering ladder onto little pretend are not ladder come in sooths. Smaller temple body measure than extensive foot and temple roof, so emphasizes slim image. Temple roof comprise of three a part by a part uppermost have enough surface extend without roof decoration as gem or stupa. Each disisakan's coat room rather extent and given by decoration. Konon allegedly every roofs streaked corner temple before little diamond place.

Seeming scorpion headdress menyeramkan with its eye bugs out heaving full. Its mouth is exposed and seeming two taringnya that big and crooked give dominant image. Mark sense two taring that also constitute Javanese pattern temple individuality Timuran. At left angle and right available finger with mudra (attitude) threaten. Therefore perfect its task as janitor of temple clean.

Seen from its age, Temple Lefthanding to constitute oldest temple of remaining East Javanese temples. It because period Airlangga (11 - 12 M) and (To self (12 - 13 M) don't leave one temple, but Cleft Temple and Jolotundo truthfully not such temple but pertirtaan. Get starting point of breakdown of upon, by is still have Tengahan's Java pattern and contains Timuran's Java element, therefore Lefthand Temple to be built on transitional term of both of that period. Even Lefthand Temple at conceive of Javanese period temple prototype East an.

Alone Lefthand name is very likely come from manner form decorate Anusapati's sepulchre temple that atypical, where by and large ornament manner especially reliefs on temple gets paradaksina's character (sanskrit = clockwise, of right to left), but Lefthand Temple just gets prasawya's character (sanskrit = counterclockwise, from left to right). Left handed alone deep Antic javanese wherewith "left".

Lefthand temple is Javanese temple the one only that meiliki narasi Garuda's story most fledged. Available three Garuda's reliefs in this temple, the first Garuda by carries on the back three serpent outgrow, relief second depicts garuda with pitcher upon its head and Garuda's drd relief absorbs a woman at its settle. Between relief third that, second relief is that most beautiful and still whole.

One question, why is dipahatkan garuda's relief (garudeya) on lefthand temple? What is hbungannya with Anusapati? Very likely before deceased, Anusapati gets to order to its family that coming at found temple for it so made by Garudeya's relief. She is deliberate gets such order because intent meruwat its mother, kendedes, one that really been loved it, one that always suffers and up to life it haven't utterly become main woman.

Lefthand Temple legend. In literary Javanese antic, available popular story at people circle which is Garudeya, namely garuda's tripping story in free its mother of bondage with innocent water redemption amerta.

Recited that Kadru and Winata is two Resi's wife brothers to who. Kadru has adopted child three serpents and Winata has garuda's adopted childs. Kadru that shiftless goes against the stomach and mengurusi's tire three its naughty adopted child because frequent betwixt get lost bushes. Arise its criminal intention Kadru to turn over this task to winata. At asks out Winata wager on colour number frequent Uccaihswara white horse through their house, with note that succumbs to have follows all winner instruction. Kadru looks on its color be black whereas Winata look on its color is white.

Serpents knows that their mother incorrectly. They give to know Kadru, its mother. Kadru then makes that plan its children, serpents change tail color rides on horseback Uccaihswara with that it can. Foaled mother effort that successful, Winata succumbs and made by slave by Kadru. Since that time Winata commanding to service all need Kadru and mothering serpent third everyday. Winata hereafter asks for help on Garudeya, utnuk's child helps (first relief).

While is growing Garudeya big, she asks to its mother why she shall third look after its foster-brother. After been told about Uccaihswara's horse venture, therefore Garudeya understands. At asks to serpent third that how to so mother it can most free of this bondage. Answered by serpent "take me amerta's clean water that is kept at kahyangan and is looked after deities and comes from milk ocean". Garudeya menyanggupi and soon mother permit appeal its for departed to go to kahyangan.

Indeed deities frowns on Garudeya's wish so fight happening. But deities gets to be defeated. Seeing it God Wisnu goes down to put hand out and Garudeya can be defeated. After hear Garudeya's story about its wish gets amerta, therefore God Wisnu Memeperbolehkan by condition of Garudeya shall want to become its carriage vehicle. Garudeya agrees, so can take in amerta's water returns is down to earth (second relief).

Since that time too Garudeya becomes God's carriage Wisnu. And by having amerta's clean water this is eventual Garudeya can free its mother of bondage on Kadru. It is figured on drd relief where Garudeya stoutly mighty carry on the back its mother and free of bondage.

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