Papandayan's mountain INDONESIA JAVA

Pulling utk observes Papandayan Pasca's Crater Nov's eruption. 2002. Available four new craters and a loss one crater outgrow that named Naggrak most bank slide agglomeration that present forms lake to get kebiru2an's water on rainy season. From it one crater outgrows new evoked. Its craters. still young enough, so our place earth based on feels soft, one that that menenggelamkan can who that stands on it. Suwagi's tree, typical species meranggas's volcano strikes heat atmosphere and eruption dust, visually young buds that try to grow back. Edelweis's tree that exists at Cabin encampment earth salad appears to come into flower. Eruption dust oddment makes observable punungan Papandayan whitish spt. final typical landscape wintry at mountain four seasons. Millions cubic meter significant new as sand and berserakan's big rocks at surface so long. Kontour is surface was changed a lot of, one that seeming more fluctuates and obviously more pull utk snapshot at camera.

Thoroughfare wends Canning can't be utilized again utk vehicle 4 wheelses. Some part available break and slide, severally been piled big slide. On some part at punggungan locks-up utk shotcut's band, rather difficult trodden utk, slippery krn its field by ground dust oddment. Go down punggungan sailed through by dgn road declines spt skis or if kawatir loses keeimbangan that menumpu dgn may ass, extremity.

Unique landscape, Ojek is Papandayan Dgn's typical Mountain its tire that tied-up by dgn tire chain, visually roars to climb up and goes down mountain, dgn's rider is adroit meliuk meliuk avoids to petrify and water gap. This landscape is preferred by touristed strange, that terheran terheran dgn local resident expertise move dgn ojek's goods of backward parking place salad cabin. Terminal parks on, closest position goes to that time long time crater, was lost most devours significant eruption, meanwhile parking terminal down still looked good and still is utilized.

Papandayan's top 2,260 meters earlier one getatable dlm calculations 2 3 hours, now has to be reached by dgn pains around 6 hour turns around from salad Cabin aims krn some direct trajectories was buried and also sag. Generally incline which is still can reach dgn edge out is of tenor back side (east), the opposite dgn Papandayan's crater. At salad Cabin, one tripping hour of terminal Parking was seen by pipe drinking water plastic towards hillside. Since yesterday's eruption, utk's water need at terminal Parking have more been taken onto again, since water source where kehitam kehitam an terkontaminasi's chromatics content fumigates. Salad oddment locks-up that give this place name; no longer abundant as before.

Papandayan's crater despite of still dgn's active enough smoke yawns fumarol brimstone that bounces up as high as hundreds meters, can be approached safe dgn notices and membelakangi aims wind. Making ready utk's moist face towel emergency respiration that is used if yawn air fumigates over stiff or tenor blustery one can changed suddenly. Footing earths also need dicermati. As more as it, just decak awe will aesthetical and keperkasaan is its creature utk we enjoy.

Stone - an of enough new eruptions unique utk souvenir, visually flickers brightness yellow scintillate as nugget (dust grades gold), one that perhaps indigenous particle bounce fumigates didlm silica. Papandayan visually dominant thd its vicinity tops, very clear of tenor city Abrases dgn smoke puff sign it soars and beige's color its amethyst that dgn's contrast mountain greenness.

Papandayan can be reached squashy of tenor City Abrases southerly dlm calculation 30 minutes, via Samarang towards Cisurupan. dipertigaan Cisurupan, right veer to fringe dgn's village road lovely asphalt that continually climbs up to a high 2300m dpl goes to Papandayan Dgn's Preserves the way that dgn's curves potato garden landscapes and beautiful pine forest.

Papandayan can be reached from Jakarta / Bandung, nicely utk hiking exercise at weekend, dlm one visit package goes to Kamojang's Crater, Hot water at Cipanas etcetera it.

Life at Papandayan descries it is entering startup phase of cycle that do ever revolve spt caravan wheels. Tumbuh2an and also maybe animal will try back by begins spt's life its forbear that ever attending since millions bygone years, tetunyan if no man interference.

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