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spektakular's landscape on a high 30,000ft of plane left window Surabaya Denpasar bears one question about location one green color lake tosca at a high 2,000 - an meter. Its lake seems to be at deep crater with caldera wall as high as 300 500m. One mountain peak soars to lie over and above it. White smoke that mengepul of one of its crater soars to air, making it contrast with environmentally its color green vicinity jade. Its crater. apparently named crater Ijen, lie at Banyuwangi, East java. Spot this has once been publicized and popularly at France via Ushuwaia Adventure's Projection that shows Nicolai Hulot cruiser, sit on rubber boat relates ttg Ijen's lake derivation with degree zero acidity, having depth 200 meters. Its acidity is enough strong to dissolve jemari's dress and finger. bird view's view that helicopter camera then changes over to step aside caldera that show ijen's crater mineworker be fight climbs up to shoulder tens its content kilogram.

Ijen's crater apparently is easily to be visitted through Banyuwangi or Bondowoso. Uniqueness prima facie from wisata Ijen's Crater besides instead of its panorama that is so beautiful is see traditional brimstone mining that transported by shouldered manpower. This traditional mining konon just exists at even Indonesia (Welirang and Ijen). Charges that is transported each about person it until as heavy as 85kg. This charges heavy extraordinary for mostly person, when fumigates to be transported through steep caldera wall and 800m go down mountains in as much as 3km. Accepted production a taker average 25 thousand rupiahs per diem it, or vicinity 300 rupiahs per its kilo. A taker usually just can downwards take in once everyday it, since its weight talks shop. Severally hundred meters there is a antic domed buildings remaining Dutch get to set down “ Ijen's Crater Watering ”, one that present at conceive of Domed Post, one post where mineworkers weigh its content and gets a piece of paper about content and its point.

wisata's trip goes to Ijen's crater, begun from Paltuding 1,600 mdpl, one Perhutani's post at Merapi Ijen's hillside. From here earth road increases to a high 2,400m dpl with time sails through 2 hour clear a root easy going. Along trip a lot of berpapasan with enduring brimstone which court commutes greeting. Get in at crater lip, charming landscape lies eye ahead. One tosca's green lake with diameter 1 berselimutkan's km fog and brimstone smoke lies to go away under. Mineworker fumigate to appear littles from above. To make towards producer source fumigates tsb., we need to go down bebatuan caldera bank via impassable lane mineworker. Indispensable wet kerchief, since aim oftentimes wind blows to take in smoke makes towards decrease band.

At crater basic, on a line with lake surface exists take place fumigate. Stiff white smoke outward gushes am linked iron pipe to sulphur spring. 600oC's discharge red colored fumarol smoldering melting outward and icing since cold weather, forming padatan bright rust colored brimstone.

Sometimes smoulder fumarol blazes not restrained, one that usually shortly been watered water to prevent piroporik berantai's reaction. Amethyst fumigates this was cut by handspike and transported by kedlm basket. Get dlm's breath environmentally spt. struggle needs this alone, mineworkers by and large working while bites sarong or cloth abatamen patch up as censor of air.

Besides direct making for lake face, berkeliling is dpt's caldera is done with eat time more or less in full day full. Incline goes to Ijen's crater by and large suggested started in by morning. To reason security, incline goes to ijen's crater from Paltuding is closed one escape hits 14:00, since its stiff smoke and pretty much wind aim that aims to go to incline band. To run after trip in the morning, visitor suggestedding to lodge at the nearest location at Bondowoso, clear mountain city, or at Situbondo one beach city. If you like plantation atmosphere, place that gets image for overnight is Guest House horticultural PTP'S Coffee Archipelago XII at Kalisat, Jampit. Guest house this lies at deep horticultural real estate on a high vicinity 1,200 mdpl. Besides it also is of service Wisata's Cabin at Paltuding that enough clear, or opens tent at earths Paltuding's encampment. Temparature averagely crater around Ijen is 13 oC at daytime and 2 oC at nighttime.

To reach Ijen's crater now is not over difficult. Available two tricks, first via Banyuwangi's city in as much as 38 km to the west via Slippery, Guava, Paltuding (1,600 mdpl). Second trick person is pass through Bondowoso's city easterly via Wonosari, sempol (800 mdpl), Paltuding in as much as 70 km. Second trick this at most sailed through by person because by the way of flawless asphalt, meanwhile first trick by the way of macadam with slantways that enough steep. Strange tourist as untrammeled as visit at Bromo usually comes through Bondowoso, back to via Banyuwangi, continually goes to Bali and Paprika.

Route from Bondowoso it passes through acreage circumscribed region horticultural coffee, with three portals that variably. At any given our portal is asked for to fill guest book and to the effect trip. Landscape at this route is wonderful, with arabikanya's coffee garden that green set, Perhutani's pine forest and Preserve virgin forest Ijen Merapi that deluge. Laconic visit one days get to be done, but overnight at coffee plantation is selection in point. In store package agro wisata visits coffee garden and coffee berry proceedings unit that equitable considered

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