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Wave meaning and sea wave maybe never same in people eye. Coast View and sea were free surging that produced specific voice oscillation it was always make one who enjoy it dozes. Admiration, vexed even had cold feet berbaur grew into one when sea waues sweep draw near and tack our foot/feet and body.
To all turis wave exactly be friends with that always await its arrival, more and more big and high wave more and more motivated the pelancar enjoy it, don't know what is in its liver when he/she stand up precise above wave ocean that rumble seakan races reach

Coast Panorama in the reality it is possible effective medicine for us after so much time is always embosomed rutinitas that can make us saturated, long even depresi. Wisata coast also has been gotten with price that cheap relative, with various of activities that can be enjoy, swim for example.

One of competent coast our visiting is coast Pelabuhan Ratu. Besides beautiful, coast that located around 4 hour land journeys from this Kota Hujan Bogor have various of excesses are compared other coast in Indonesia.

Coast of queen port is coast that have specific panorama beauty. Solidarity between steep coast, sloping coast, precipitous rock that dilatar overshadow forest preserve and mount and river that rapid stream its applicable to arena arung rapids.

Around Pantai Pelabuhan Ratu, at least there is nine location dots play surfing. From Batu Guram, Rock Sari, Ocean Beach, Cimaja, Rock Haji, Indicator, Sunset Beach, Wave sevent and Ujung Genteng. In certain months between Mei- till this locations October usually of multitude visited roof peselancar.

For activity on the land, we can take the air [go] to hot water source in Cisolok. Its position around 17 kilometres from city Pelabuhan Ratu. This hot water Source very suited for cleans skin from disease every kind. , its water contains high brimstone elementary body.

A large part of tourists that pay a visit either that local or manca country we can say comes to Pelabuhan Ratu because mystery background is returned its panorama beauty, certain disaat-saat much agendas ritual that often performed local resident as [the] their thank you to the south sea power.

Myth that tell that Pelabuahn Ratu is its power place South sea queen Nyai Roro Kidul is interesting power separate to all penginjung. What else disekitar coast location precisely compose Hawu is existed place Petilasan (persinghahan) Queen South Pantai, that can be visited to conduct certain ritul or just stop by to look around.

In complex that dikeramatkan by this local resident, there is sekurangnya two big enough rooms that inside existed some mausoleums that trusted resident as [the] mausoleum Eyang Sanca Manggala, Grandparent Jalah Mata Makuta and Eyang Syeh Husni Ali. In some rooms are also shown photo the power Sea of South goodly Nyi Roro Kidul big.

For lodging business, alongside coast [of] many existed lodging with price that berfariasi from cheap with patch up facility till hotel that clear have more acceptable facility.

Or you can select Hotel Inna Samudra Beach that also will never release from much myths that expand in local environment even in West Java, because Hotel have the four star of erstwhile often visit President this first RI have one unique room that is room 308 that according to story ever call on Nyai Roro Kidul. In your this room also can conduct ritual or simply look around to cure feel vexed.

After satisfy go around enjoy panorama beauty Pantai Pelabuhan Ratu, you also can visit place of fish auction and buy some type of sea creatures for simply specific present from Pelabuhan Ratu at the end of your vacation agenda. Auction [of] Location many this type of sea dweller not far from bus terminal Pelabuhan Ratu. You interest ?

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