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Built around century 13, Temple Jawi Is constitute altar or place about observance. This temple constitute ash repository of Singosari's last king, kertanegara. One part of that ash also been kept on Singosari's Temple. Both of its temple there is relationship it with Rooster Temple that constitute kertanegara's tabernacle. Why is kertanegara build temple in here. Eventually, its position is off-centered royal? Can become since at thisa Siwa Buddha's religion fellow herculean. People at that region so faithful. Even if kertanegara is known as reign that famous, it also has a lot of enemy at home affairs. Wijayakrama's Banner melody, e.g., naming its rebelling happening roams Policeman. Negarakertagama notes to mark sense Cayaraja's mutiny.

Maybe only, Jawi's Temple area made by kertanegara's supporting basis. Evident, while is Dyah Wijaya, kertanegara's son-in-law, escape after kertanegera at subordinates reigning coup it, Jayakatwang of Tapeworm (region to self), find time lurking at this region, before eventual mengungsi goes to Madura.

Form Siwa's footed temple, get Buddha's shoulder. Its form is tall slim as Prambanan's Temple at Javanese Intermediate, with width 14,24 x 9,55 meters and high 24,50 meters. Its door hads up easterly. This door position by a portion pro is used reason for mempertegas that this temple is not altar or pradaksina.

Usually, temple for about observance hads up towards mountain, place resides to God. Jawi's temple just membelakangi Locks-up Penanggungan. While pro othering to look on as temple of worship. Door position that doesn't had up to go to mountain because influence from Buddha.

Jawi's Temple uniqueness is mark sense relief at wall. Unhappily, this relief can't yet be read. Can become since pahatannya over win by a nose, or since its reducing supporting information, as of inscription or copy. Negarakertagama that ala clearing to tell this temple not pertains absolutely that relief problem. In contrast to relief at Rooster Temple and Upgrading Temple that stills is clear. One of aught fragment on temple wall, figure alone in the presence temple Jawi that therewith many other buildings at surrounding temple. In view Clear on that fragment on east side of temple exists perwara's temple as much three numbers, but really fond perwara's drd condition that current can be told level with the ground. demikan also at that fragment looks clear that exists bentar's temple that constitute temple portal, western lie. That building oddment really extant, but its more form kindred onggokan brick, since really that temple gate at arises from red brick.

Over and above relief that lies at temple wall part, available too other relief that lies at temple interior. Correct lie at temple middle part that constitute supreme part of inner temple, there is a relief sculptured Surya God clear.

Other uniqueness of Temple Jawi is stone one be used as building materials it consisting of two types. Underside consisting of black stone, meanwhile stone upper turns white. Can become available two its development periods.

Really, Negarakertagama names that candrasengkala or Fire year Shoots Day (1253 Saka) thunder pounces that temple. Mighty statue that time Aksobaya Raib. Majapahit Prabu Hayam Wuruk's king that visit that temple until gets downcast on a loss that statue. Really found statue is Aksobaya Mighty that is now to be kept at Apsari's Garden, unified Office front Indonesian Reporter (PWI) Jatim, are next recognised with Jokodolog's Statue. But then, this statue is not indigenous Jawi's Temple.

One year of afters was pounced by that thunder, done by rebuilding. On term this is presumed utilize white stone. But, of which petrifies that white? Since, hillsides incoming area Welirang mostly petrifies black. White stone a lot of is met at Javanese north littoral or Madura.

Jawi Dipugar's temple to secondly year 1938 1941 since its condition fell over. But then, its renovation don't until complete because a portion its stone get lost. Then fixed by year back 1975 1980, and formalized by year 1982.

Temple building form Jawi really whole, but its content decreases. Negarakertagama names, in temple room exists Siwa's statue. On it available Aksobaya Mighty. There is a number statue gets Siwa's character, as Nandiswara, Durga, Ganesa, Nandi, and Brahma.

Durga's statue is now to be kept at Museum Tantular's Smith, Surabaya. Another being kept at Museum Trowulan to security. Meanwhile another one again, as statue of Brahmin, undiscovered. Maybe just have to pieces.

At temples back barn really available statue abatamens. Besides, available brick railing tingles as which there are many be met at building on Majapahit's royal term, as Temple Of Mouse at Trowulan and Bajangratu's Temple at Mojokerto.

Statue move on one hand really correct to avoid from theft. But then, can reduce substansi its history. As fragmentary. Statues that at move of its habitat becomes its historical point loss. Even statue see that is kept at Park's Monument Hotel, Baleful. That statue really terawat well, but afterwards most pulls out from historical point and ritualitasnya. A really thing dilematis

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