situpatenggang - west java indonesia

so you till on site this you will be presented green carpet tea garden bracing Rancabali eye, send us to a beautiful lake that its water peace that we recognize by the name of Situ Patengan..Natural beauty that given by this Situ Patengan will make us terkagum-kagum of highness all-powerful Sang. No surprise, if lake (situ) this never silent from incoming visitor from various of cities. Probably because this place [it is true] offer remarkable nature glamor.

In the distance during you menusuri public road that encircled this tea garden, lake Situ Patengan very looked to be beautiful, more than anything else when you enjoy it was direct near from likely stress and tired will instant sirna because peace and fresh its atmosphere this Situ Patengan.

Not only menawarka nature glamor, This Situ Patengan also offers a historical place its enough recognized. Island Asmara and Batu Cinta. Usually kesana incoming tourist will use opportunity intentionally it-self to visit this location. To come to to our love stone [it is true] must go up boat that can be rent on-site. Purportedly according to its story, halting-place any person who to Batu Cinta and encircle Pulau Asmara then will get eternal love, or if incoming visitor with its couple, then their relation/link will be permanent.. heheheee..

Sepulang from this Danau it is of course you want to bring present for consanquinity and also for your own. Don't doubt, disekitar this lake much small storeses that offer souvenir and fresh fruits that can you bring [go/come] home.

Area this Situ Patengan distance around 47 kilometres southward from downtown Bandung. To arrive to your this place can pass by city Ciwidey beforehand, main spandrel [go] toes area South wisata Bandung. Before till this ketempat, you will pass much places wisata like white cauldron, swimming pool ciwalini, encampment rancaupas, and wide carpet tea garden Rancabali. If you still have remains time, maybe you can use opportunity intentionally halting-place it-self in palace

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