Insipid Oceanic lake at SUMATRAS Intermediate Acheh INDONESIAN

In the presence Oceanic Lake Bargains to become Acheh society pride. It constitutes wisata's object there are many nature visited domestic tourist and also mancanegara. This lake as exploited water source not only by society at Regency Acheh Intermediates, but also by society at another regencies.

Circulate societies traditional story Gayo about fish depik, its form as fish of ornament gets scaly slim body white lucent with measure as big as the living one hand thumb at Insipid Oceanic Lake. Its story, depik comes from rice item that is discarded goes to lake. It will emerge to surface on given season, notably at the moment rainy season. Before season gets in, depik's gang lurking at lake south, at Bur Kelieten's hillside. Depik constitutes one God's award to Gayo's society, even perpetual is consumed, it is inexhaustible.

Two hill that flank this lake, progressively shows aesthetical lake. Waters and plain rally gives a lot of subsistence source for society, particularly plateau around Gayo. The naming oceanic because extent it as oceanic as and titled insipid because water it not cornstarch. Its freshwater keeps there are many flora and fauna, one of it the most known by it fish depik who constitute fish species that just is at Oceanic Lake Bargain.

At this location visitor can see society that gets cultivation and going fish. An activity has already is part of society knockabout life around lake. Planted superior commodity at Gayo's plateau for example, is Gayo's coffee (arabika's coffee) one that far-famed at Japan, potato, markisa, tomato, chili, corn, and vegetable. Usufruct horticultural commodity that adequately been known is tangerine Gayo and avocado.


Lake that teduh this lies at eastern Takengon's City, at Gayo's plateau (1. 250 meters above the sea level), Lute district Bargains, Nanggroe's province Darussalam's Acheh. It constitutes lake most extent at Acheh Province broadly surrounding 5.472 Ha, long surrounding 17 km and wide 5,5 km.

Access Wends Location
Access wends Takengon easier being sailed through City thru Bireun. There is one places little terminal mangkal special elf transportation to Takengon. The duration vicinity trip 5 hours with thereabouts cost as big as Rp. 25. 000. Other than Bireun, road alternativing to wend Takengon can also be sailed through Blang Kejeren thru and kutacane.

Ticket price

Tourist that visits to go to this wisata's object be not been taken up cost.

In store one motor ship that is utilized to take in passenger drawns round Oceanic Lake Bargain. Around lake exists lodging place for touristed one wants overnight at that location.

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