Bojongkoneng's waterfall Indonesia Java

Begin of one wisata outbond's pamphlet that is stuck at one wall, with one photograph which figure a group person hand in hand at observable waterfall front sizable, arise wish to visit that location. Simple map without aught scale on that pamphlet figures that its location lies within Geulis's Stone and Mountain Mountain. Shortly just one comes unto my house open bakosurtanal's map scale 1:25000 to look for both of that mountain and noting all track trip who may help to reach aim, and moves it to GPS'S peripheral. After confers by an eventual friend to be decided for departed Sunday hits 5 mornings.

Trip wends location began by accelerates kendaran to aim sentul's hill housing, to then turned get through rainbow hill housing and making for village bojongkoneng. Its minim is information will position actually of that waterfall causes several times have to ask to surrounding resident. And most corroborative, early assumption already been made will aim location apparently different enough far at field, accordingly track already being made ready can be told out of use Of Course it hands down to ask course making for location becomes routine that often colour this time trip. Most more after road form earlier one as asphalt flawless changed as macadam road (get rock) with narrow broad, adding doubt will be right don't it road already be sailed through. If berpapasan with vehicle of contrary aim, therefore enforced has to look for road body that adequately to been passed two vehicles. Are not rarelandic home yard page local, enforced been utilized for momentary parking, waiting finished other vehicle gets through it of contrary aim. Benefit on eventually one young man that is interrogated, offer self to become wizard making for waterfall location.

Even tripping route changed beginning, since road that is sailed through have can't again passed through by motor vehicle. After park disalah's car one islandic home yard, trip began by gets through lane between cassava garden, change over to go to banana garden, getting through river, and sawah's causeway. Ade, indicator name clears a root us, suddenly point out its finger goes to an aim, and while we look away to aim intended one, descry one waterfall which flooding water considerably its swift. Even distance which wants to be wended is still enough not nearly place where we stand up, but that waterfall is seeming selfexplanatory looked, a that prove waterfall what do want we this leave for of course it have big measure.

More or less 1,5 tripping totaled km one must being sailed through by hikes. Get in at location, we brought up by one waterfall with a high +/- 30 meters. Abundant water considerably its swift glides from above making for downwards with water debit that high enough. Its swift is water which fells to pool surface evoke water wavelet and a fair of bellows wind which adequately taut. A fair of bellows wind which take in also water item, practical wents hard with to process picture taking / photograph because of has monotonous wipe lens of water splash. Looked around by waterfall constitutes crag with two a part gap that lie over and above left for is adrift water and at waterfall frontage, utilized by visitor as entrance goes to this location.

Angered with waterfall freshness that is at your hadapan???? therefore this place visit soonest

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