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Monument Four Faced Budha into city Surabaya haves one of object very spectacular wisata in south-east Asia, Idol Dewa Empat Muka or Four Faced Buddha monument. Borrow ideas from magazine MOSSAIK February edition 2005, This Four Faced Buddha Monument gets appreciation MURI as highest and biggest Patung Dewa Empat Muka in Indonesia. Idol as high as nine metres that have wide 225 square meters this have been have not yet contested similar idol other.

Four Faced Buddha monument , have high totalize 36 metres (entered dome) opened 9 Novembers 2004, and finish fund can be 4 billion rupiahs. Built in farm 1,5 hectares, in farm centre part, placed building with length 9 metres, wide 9 metres and high 36 metres. If we see altogether contain number 9, why can number 9 ? because take similar monument reference in Thailand, and number 9 also have separate meaning for people budha.

Monument Four Faced BudhaBangunan Stupa place Four faced this Budha shade, encircled 4 sokos teacher or pillar chromatic green golden, that composed 3 parts, that is stupa, idol budha, and singasana budha. At stupa top has been provided with lightningrod, whereas idol budha and singasana haves high masing masing 9 metres.

See this building model, [it is true] can be look like Four Faced Buddha Monument in Thailand, merely its difference idol that in higher Thailand but its building its stupa still higher that exist in this Surabaya. Besides very big size similarity, idol that have emapt face and four this hand tides, arranged in layers gold diseluruh its organ. Purportedly to complete this process of gold veneering, intentionally delivered materials kampoh or paper of genuiness gold Thailand (there is also that mention paper kimpo). Complete with its worker, with veneering expense or ritual this chasuble gift/giving reaches 1,5 Milyars rupiah.

Monument Four Faced BudhaTentang idol meaning Dewa Empat Muka or there is also that call it Dewa Catur Muka, bring philosophy four kindlinesses owned by Budha, that is welas asih, liberal, fair (unbiased), and meditation. Four this kindlinesses have a meaning (of), budha is form of fellow being affection, help whoever without discrimination, and devoted in prayer or application that [submitted/sent] in procession ritual. Meanwhile at eight hands budha there is holy book, holy water, defence weapon, weapon of badness opponent, holy book book, prayer beads, chest, and cupu.

Besides that philosophy, this place also offers idea becomes sentra peribadatan people budha, till later will much incoming visitors to this place. Besides see god idol four this faces, on site this also we will see four idols white elephant bertinggi around 4 metres disetiap angle;corner, three pools that decorated lotus, and a meditation room. This Komplek are also decorated 12 lamps that made of bronze and copper.

Monument Four Faced BudhaDibagian front will we meet place sells tool pray like wax;candle and frankincense, on site this also later visitor can get specific souvenir idol budha four faces, but my time yesterday kesana…in the reality its goods has not yet been available…

How according to you, what wish make object this wisata as [the] target wisata you ? or maybe want to day-dream haves photo with background Four Faced Buddha Monument, seakan resides in Thailand, or maybe you want to pray..altogether up to you, because this place is opened generically, and free expense enters, cuman fare payee step into Pantai region just Ria Kenjeran …kalo content car 2 passenger people, merely payee 3000 rupiahs.

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