Galunggung's crater INDONESIA JAVA

Mountain gets high 2,167m mdpl, 20km's lie city south-west Tasikmalaya. In its history has once broken forth several times, most year-end 1982. Last eruption gets type “ vulcanian vertical ” (spt is atomic bomb mushroom eruption) up to high 20 km go to space, followed by piroclastic's spray (ground dust) one that rain Bandung's city, Tasik, Abrase, Cianjur and another city in 100km's radius. Thick dust up to 4 months that mengguyur that city. making misery that adequately. After eruption, 100,000 ha area of around rolled out dgn earth was befallen to petrify, lava and dust, Its mountain peak fell over adrift most takes in cold lava go to area of around it, stone and its sand becomes its benediction unappeased to be mined.

Upon that eruption, one Jumbo Boeing's Jet Propulsion 747 British Airways from Sidney wend Londons that passing by at Jabar Dlm's south a high cruise at 11,000 meter, machine fourth it suddenly dies at the moment which nearly coincide krn sucks Galunggung's dust, but successful crashes land without one machine even (gliding) at Soekarno Hatta.

Now Mountain Galunggung be in a state sleep falls asleep, so gets. visitted by safe dgn. If menilik its history, next cycle is still 43 years again. Galunggung's crater now was given 620 utk menggapi's rungs 200m ketinggianya's rests of last parking places. Of crater lip, Tasik's city looks clear is at its eastern. In as much as eye sees to appear green chromatic grove, dgn is its seeming bar still little. To deep aim, dpt is witnessed 40 ha notchings new lakes eruptions 1982.

Lake water is looked after not exceeds 1 million m3 dgn stream its rest by tunnel spillway goes to Cibanjaran's rivers and Cikunir at east caldera. This human nonintervention, crater wall can break down to make sump hot and heavy as one has once happened kelud's Mountain at to self at year 1920 an. River water that adequately warms, can be enjoyed at bath named Cipanas or yangg's river lies 3km before crater doesn't restrain from parking place down.

Caldera wall gets to form calk. Of both of its tip we can be down to dgn's caldera basic on the ball. At crater floor, besides lake also available dgn's river flow amethyst that one bigheaded berserakan's buffalo at all points. One of place which is wended at caldera basic is one Mosque which lie approximately 2 km at south tip near new crater wall. Behind that mosque available kind of little cave, place gets to meditate. At crater basic, at lake periphery, at along river which is adrift or even hovered by Mosque, are ordinary place used by utk camp.

To reach Galungggung's crater is not too hard, of Bandung Tasikmalaya's wayside correct it at Indihiang's area veers right to aim south, sailing through 15km village road that rather branching narrow without indicator plank clears a root that clear, adequately flurries initially, so has often ask. Will also often berpapasan dgn sand truck that kadangkala one of vehicle shall retreat krn at bbrp part clears a root and narrow convolution.

Note: 3 last km that link Local Government portal (Post Parks Down Ciapanas's Bath) making for Parking on Galunggung's Crater, slightly zoom steep and elongated, mostly uses tooth 1, need healthy vehicle. Alternative is available Jeep or Ojek (OK). Have a. nice weekend.

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