Reungit Bogor's sand Indonesia Java

To you that like daring and get tramp at free nature, your taste need to visit one wisata's place nature those are on North Bogor's City, West java. At this place you must that megalami will other sensation of wisata's trips that have once you do as it long.

Reungit's Sand village lies correct at hillside Yaps with surrounding high 800 900 mdpl. To reach this place is not over difficult, for from city Bogor there are many city transport which you can utilize to make towards wisata's place that gets enough atmosphere chilled by it.

There are many that you can enjoy at this dude ranch, amongst those is many waterfalls, as Curug Cigamea, Curug a thousand and wana wisata is else Queen Craters Reungit's Sands also constitute places that really ideal for you to do camping, Out bound, even Elementary Education divides organization, since Reungit Memilki's Sand all facility to the thing of, as river, bank, forest and waterfall.

But of so much aught mode, Queen crater that lies at high 1.338 mdpl really have uniqueness that offer individuality nature freshness mountain. Ranging temperature among 10 24 Celcius's degrees always make cold weathers as part that don't most divorce from its nature atmospheres. Evenless this place dijamah oft rain at while evening.

Queen crater really have alone affinity for every its visitor. Its main affinity, for example is its geology activity. All the day crater it always boils and issue sulfide acid gas (H2S) with odor that stings. Kadangkala is this crater issue effect thunder voice spray yawns hot water that forms fog.

But, not only it crater affinity that partly comes in Cidahu's region, This Sukabumi's regency. Cikuluwung's River flow that get through crater along one its kilometer even offer landscape any other. So water transparent makes clear observable creek bed. Greennesses yellow color effect brimstone sediment make Cikuluwung's creek bed so beautiful is enjoyed.

But, aesthetical this creek bed is not captivation the one only visitors for meluangkan their time to enjoy it. Another enticing is water temperature that feels lukewarm. So this river as main option for visitors for bathes. Evenless, acidiferous river water this sulfide is believed gets to cure various liver spot kind.

Even this Queen Crater still active, but doesn't trouble plant vegetation life at those area. Some type botanical apparently is still get life, amongst those is Romogiling's plant (Sceferra actinophylla). Its leaf tip gets roundish form. This vegetation constitute dominant plant adorns crater. Meanwhile many tree get another woods appear effect dead be burnt on fire with crater activities. And as part of nature forest area Locks-up To Yap, Even Queen crater comes under as forest heterogeneous. So nature air coolness its really feels.

To come in from Bogor's Regency, you can sail through it of Cibatok's Branch. Hereafter ascends public transport that readily mengantar gets to Reungit's Sand or Bunder's Mountain. Meanwhile, if wants to wend Cidahu with common vehicle, stop at Divergent Cidahu, from there public transport until terminal rise and drawns out trip go to Cangkuang's encampment Earth with ojek's service.

On first band, via Reungit's Sand, distance and time sails through it not as heavy as through Bunder's Mountain or Cidahu. Distance among Reungit's Sand Queen Crater around four kilometer gets to be sailed through by hikes up to two hours. While, via Bunder's Mountain band and Cidahu, distance who shall insofar sail through six kilometers with time sails through up to three hour clear a root to do splits.

If you like nature adventure, both of band it may be the best one. Its section, while fluctuates valley, you can enjoy to be beautiful its mountain nature at thisa. Severally its trajectory even will force you go up roots that menjurai at lane that its broad just one meter. But, heavily impassable trek it, apparently this place really gives aesthetical forest atmosphere Lock-up To Yap that so beautiful.

Herein you will there are many find river flow that sometimes its water slick trek that impassable. Birdling, denyit is insect and forest monkey voice, still kerap is heard, if choose this band. While, Bunder's Mountain band in principle well-nigh equal to band which is passed through Sand thru Reungit. Because on drd kilometer of Mountain Bunder, this band will meet at Sand band cross Reungit.

Get neglectless to leech (leech). Because, be like that of wisata's area nature Locks-up To Yap another, Queen Crater area this also as place which cozy for leech type life that oftentimes sticks to your body part. Otherwise do ever routine check body, are not its impossible forthcoming draw fire leech that stick and suck blood. To it, there is it is better you take in tobacco to settle this leech attack.

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