Prambanan's temple INDONESIA JAVA

Lie 13 Km of Klaten's cities, making for western on band ways goes to Yogyakarta and 17 Km from Yogya wend easts on band ways goes to Klaten / Surakarta's city,Prambanan's temple or Temple Rara Jonggrang is Hindu temple to be outgrown at Intermediate Java. Complex administrative ala this temple is at Java border Intermediate and Yogyakarta's Privilege Region. Society calls this temple by the name of temple Larajonggrang, a mention that actually wrongs. Rara in javanese to call lassie. In folklore, Rara Jonggrang is known as Prabhu Ratubaka's daughter that its name is perpetuated as name of remainder complexeses building at Saragedug's hills southern Prambanan's Temple.

Recited in that story available a giants named Bandung Bandawasa what does have to try a fall supranatural. She wants to betroth Rara Jonggrang's daughter. To it she shall make temple with a thousand statues at in its in the period of one night. That requisition accomplished by Bandung Bandawasa, but nasty Rara Jonggrang so at the moment that prescribed that temple is unfinished, insufficiently one statue again. Bandung Bandawasa angers and curse Rara Jonggrang's daughter becomes statue complement that to a thousand. That statue is trusted as Durgamahisasuramardhini's statue those are on Temples north room Siwa.

Prambanan's Temple complex has 3 pages, which is page first gets squared lay out, constituting holiest page because that page available 3 main temples (Siwa, Wisnu, Brahma), 3 perwara's temples, 2 temple flank, 4 kelir's temples, 4 angle temple / patok. Second page also gets squared lay out, its position is inferior of first page. On this page available 224 temples perwara who arranged by settle 4 lines with compare foots up 68, 60, 52, and 44 temples. Formation suching to form formation that konsentris wends center page.

Absorbing decorative art at Prambanan's Temple complex this is trappings that as relief of God's statue Lokapala (8 tenor attendant deities blustery eyes) one that dipahatkan on foots outer wall Temple. Despitefully, also exists Ramayanadan Kresnayana's story relief. Ramayana Dipahatkan's relief on wall in Temple baluster railing Siwa at Brahma's temple. Kresnayana Dipahatkan's relief on wall in Temple baluster railing Wisnu. Besides God's statue relief Lokapala, Ramayana's relief, and Kresnayana, decorative art at complex bulging Prambanan Temple is prevalent decoration so-called prambanan's motif, which is a decoration on batur temple that as a lion which in sitting position to be flanked by kalpataru's tree(= hayati /'s tree adjures life). Decoration this kind of just exists at Prambanan's temple so called by prambanan's temple motif. Another trappings that there are many adorn batur's extern wall temple is treed kalpataru who flanked by heaven being couple that prevalent so-called kinara kinari(= being gets bird corporeal human head). Around temple Prambanan can be visitted too many Buddhist temples as Sajiwan's temple, Granary temple, Sewu's temple and Plaosan's temple. Up to month of May until October upon full moon at plataran was opened by temple Prambanan was arranged by sendratari Ramayana that is started in hits 19.00 21.00 wib.

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