Gold domed mosque, Islamic eclat symbol depok indonesian

Begin of one aspiration your excellency of a God's slave SWT, enkindled idea to institute one Islamic supremacy symbol mosque. Supremacy and pride that jars feel, moving soul, rounding intention increases keimanan and fear. Aesthetical one gets to remind us will magnitude Creator. Mosque at Silvan Maruyung Cinere, Limo, Depok this really so kitsch. Building figure as extensive as 60m x 125m one lie upon farm 55 ha this such as oasis at desert. Hj's mother. Juriah M. Al Rasjid's oil lamp that initiate Oil Lamp mosque development Al Mahri that wants "move" Nabawi's mosque at Madinah that classy that Middle East to Depok.

To render this dream Hj's mother. Oil lamp as owner helped by Uke G. setiawan interrupts me principal designer of this mosque. Its plan, that extensive acreage will make Islamic Centre that provide hospital facility, boarding school, about shop etcetera so small town alike. Now development newing to reach 30% of strategical, as building of mosque, personal residency and building all purppose. There is mosque even that its planning phase started in by December 1998 new being formalized by Hj's mothers. Juriah M. Al Rasjid's oil lamp on 31st December 2006, bertepatan with Raya Idul Adha's Day 1427 h and since then openendeds for generically.

This mosque architecture represent imbedded image at our society marrow in a general way. Its example be been applied its five cupola that epitomize On Good Terms Islam and six minaret that epitomizes On Good Terms Faith. Architecture custom as motif of rhomb and Islamic typical trilateral also been applied. Besides owner also adopt particular element from Taj At A Price, e.g. onion dome. Besides available too detail detail ornamen of India, e.g. on krawangan at selasar's area.

This mosque consisting of fairish main room 40m x 60m one get to keep all around 5.000 pilgrims. Two gates at north side and south and main gate that lies at east side in direct corollation to courtyard at inner. Page in is fairish 45m x 57m it dapal keeps all around 10.000 pilgrims and dapal is utilized for extension at the moment salat Jum' at, salat Idul is Natural and Idul Adha and for manasik's activity pilgrim. Incorrectly single-sided page in this directly is engaged salat's room whereas three another flanks to be drawn the line selasar with handaged pillar suite granite which is wreaked from Brazil. This pillar form pretend arcade suite as curb.

Six minaret this mosque gets trapeze form as high as 40m, each consisting of six zoom that epitomize on good terms faith. Every thing bounded up by granite gets pepper and salt with ornamen gets to pattern circles on each temporary top part zoom it coated by gold mosaic. Mosques main cupola this points to mosques at Persian and India that soars onto.

Five cupolas at this mosque epitomizes on good terms Islam, entirely been bounded up auriferous mosaic whereas its interior dominated by monochromatic colors from krem goes to salem that calm atmosphere tecipta and warm. Significant which is utilized is marble of Turkish whereas ornamennya utilizes to marble black chromatic and gold colour.

At domed ceiling to be gotten magpie that its nuance can arbitrary according to condition dl mosque extern. At the bottom cupola exists koof lamp that given by accent gold colour, pretend firmament bounds. On it available 33 windows that their loaded calligraphy three SWT'S Allah name so the lot totals 99 (Asmaul Husna).

Ceiling atop cupola exists calligraphy one tour that made from lempengan auriferous brass. All kuffi's classy calligraphy, scattered at spatial wall peripheral salat and made from black marble stone that is slipped into basal white marble its with vigorous water spray tech tall (waterjet system).

Hereafter this mosque is expected as medium wisata spiritual over and above as syiar's place religion who can cool soul each Moslem mankind.

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