Curug is Bogor's Jack Fruit INDONESIA JAVA

Curug is Jack Fruit, constitute one of curug Bogor's Regency pledge over and above Glorious Curug and Curug Cilember. It can appear from wisata's map photograph that features it and disandingkan with curug second that on entrance to location.

Making towards Curug's location Jack Fruit is not difficult thing, road that gets to asphalt little despite but flawless begets vehicle to get even low differential gear validates aja's validity is taken in making for this location. Public transport medium also available, but it is meant needs extra energy again for walking of public transport cessation location goes to this dude ranch. Of dude ranch indicator board Curug that terlhat's Jack Fruit there is curug any other that lie nearby curug this, one that named by Curug Kawung. Despitefully, available too encampment earth that often been utilized by lovers nature eats up its night by pitch a tent bonfire therewith.

Curug's position that Jack Fruit Is alone is not over not nearly entrance, but its enough hidden location, can be enabled most overlooks while visited. On early visit at rainy season, writer aloning to suspect have visitted and sees Curug Jack Fruit, eventually waterfall already writer sees actually be Curug Kawung. This Curug Kawung's location lies at upstream part from Curug Jack Fruit. Trip wends Curug Kawung enough tires since besides slippery by rain or damp also lane which passing through to have contour fluctuates. Even so Curug Kawung lies at location that adequately been opened so more safe if at call sump happening.

In contrast to Curug Kawung, Curug's location Jack Fruit can say to lie deep valley which steep and in a bind bank which high that of course it if at call sump happening will breakneck for visitor because can say visitor is at basic one canister with one way out that flanked by earth bank that high enough.

Although lie at sectioned downstream from Curug Kawung, Curug is expressive more Jack Fruit at conceive of waterfall. A flood water it so despite swift at dry season is added again with its enough hidden location add more image natural.

Besides present wisata's object as waterfall, at Curug dallier myriad Jack Fruit wild monkeys. This monkey sometimes enough braving to draw near visitor just a only to ask for / take pigswill. It of course it has to alone assess as attraction of affix. Unhappily on last visit goes to this object, writer doesn't find one monkey one even wants to show self, is it possible is caused since sepi's that time visitor so little bit food or weather that adequately hot cause that monkey is opting to get shades / blotted out between grove bush.

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